L.A. Creative Tech review, 2017 Year in Review

2017 Year in Review

I fully intended to post this year-end recap in December. But between preparing to get out of town for 3 weeks and onboarding two awesome new clients…this got away from me. So here’s my April post to recap 2017 and get ready for 2018!! I can’t say it hasn’t been distracting (and shocking) reading of crazy tax plans and sadness & grief in the news and outside in the streets. But for the moment it seems the imperative is to keep living, loving and working and keep devising strategies for growth and change-making from all angles.

2017 at L.A. Creative Tech was a major evolution for us. We doubled our Monthly Recurring Revenue from I.T. services, finally became a profitable & sustainable company and have transitioned almost our entire work product to be Reoccurring services and Fixed-Fee Productized Project Services. We’ve automated & “smartsourced” our back-office accounting and financial strategy, cleaning up and speeding up a number of processes (and resulting in a much better understanding of how our business works!). We redefined our entire service offering, standardizing on our “Essential” & “Enhanced” Managed Services packages, with additional Security, Virtual-CIO and project-based offerings wrapping around these.

We added one full-time employee (Amir) and converted a second sub-contractor into a second full-timer (Eddie). While we did this, we developed Service Dispatch, Project Management and Sales Roles in the organization. This, in turn, began a deep dive into our documentation and operations to streamline every aspect of how we work and increase our capacity to delight our clients. Amir learned tons about the Managed Services industry in the process and the increased hours helped Eddie buy a (long-awaited) car. And we’re almost done with a much-needed DIY makeover at LACT HQ, leveraging our tech knowledge and our crafty friends to build desks, improve ergonomics and make everything look beautiful!!

Projects have kept us super-busy all year long. I’m especially proud of our work with The Agency Real Estate (link). We’ve helped build 8 new offices this year in Los Angeles, Palm Springs, San Francisco and Arizona, as well as building the network for company-founder Mauricio’s Umansky’s new home. This is in addition to our Virtual CIO services and network management of the 13 (and growing) offices for this billion+ dollar Real Estate firm. In addition, we’ve modernizing tech strategy at Grand Performances, built the headquarters of startup Clutter and managed wireless for norcal redwoods-based music festival Northern Nights

And along the way we picked up some awesome new clients across the creative umbrella in architecture (RELM) brand management (David Pirrotta Brand Management) motion graphics (Capacity) and creative activations (The Projects*)

In October, I had my first official IT-industry speaking gig at Continuum‘s annual conference, where I presented a breakout session teaching technicians a business-first “consultative” approach to their work. I was also invited to join the Partner Advisory Council for Continuum’s Help Desk, helping to direct strategy for a 1200-partner, 75K end-user Help Desk. Leading into 2018, I’ve also recorded a few podcasts for our Network Management partner Auvik, and will be on the cover of Channel Pro magazine. I also led the redesign of our website and took over our marketing implementation (Along with amir), learning to use a bunch of new tools along the way.

While all this was going on, I somehow found a way to collaborate with over a dozen Los Angeles music, arts & culture institutions, throw a weekly ‘Subsuelo‘  DJ event all summer long and DJ at 5 music festivals this summer. And travel to the Colorado mountains, Morocco, Banff, Canada, Tulum & Barra de Navidad, Mexico

Personally, this was finally the year i got a Morning Routine together..30 minutes of peace in the AM goes a long way towards staying sane during the day. I’ve also begun (slowly) learning about time management and getting some semblance of a regular schedule in my life (I’ve got a lot of resources I can share, ask me if you want to send you something!!) I’ve also been with my wonderful and loving partner Fatinah for a year now and am enjoying that journey immensely.  And I’ve learned a lot about minimalism and designed a beautiful bedroom that is (finally!) not full of clutter.  I’ve read some great books: tools of titans, science of happiness and am working with an awesome cognitive behaviorial/anxiety therapist and am learning to keep my head on straight on not sweat the smalls stuff so much. I’d like to extend a huge thank you to our clients, our awesome team, all of our awesome partners & vendors and all my friends for listening to me talk about this all year long

If you’re still with me after all that, thanks for reading and happy holidays!

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