it consultant, 4 Mind-Blowing Facts You Might Not Know About IT Consultants

4 Mind-Blowing Facts You Might Not Know About IT Consultants

The IT consulting industry revenue in the U.S. is expected to hit $471 billion by 2020.

This comes as no surprise, considering how companies value IT consultants.

In fact, IT consultancy services are no longer exclusive to large corporations. Even small to medium-sized enterprises are realizing the importance of getting advice from an IT expert. An IT consultant has the necessary expertise to help organizations increase efficiency, stay secure, and scale-up.

But how much do we really KNOW about IT consultants? Check out these facts about them:

IT consultants don’t have a dull office job.

it consultant, 4 Mind-Blowing Facts You Might Not Know About IT ConsultantsContrary to what most people believe, IT consultants have a dynamic job. They regularly touch base with clients to know how they can help them better.

They are one phone call away if you’re not sure how to create a secure communications pathway. You can also reach out to them immediately for access concerns. The great thing about outsourced IT consultants is they offer instant assistance as if you had an in-house specialist.

IT consultants can keep your company data secure no matter what the circumstances are.

You’ve probably seen statistics about cyberattacks, and yes—they don’t look good. Online threats continue to rise, but it doesn’t mean IT consultants are becoming less effective at what they do.

An IT specialist won’t stay in business for a long time if they don’t have a firm grasp of the importance of security. Experienced consultants always implement every possible measure to keep your business and data safe.

One of the reasons why companies hire IT consultants is their security expertise. These professionals stay on top of the trends, ensuring that security is updated to prevent new threats.

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Outsourcing an IT consultant will not make your in-house team irrelevant.

it consultant, 4 Mind-Blowing Facts You Might Not Know About IT ConsultantsIt’s often believed that when you outsource an IT consultant, you’re downsizing to cut costs—but this is not true.

Although it’s impossible to predict the future of an IT team, a managed IT provider is not the reason why IT staff need to let go. A recent CompTIA survey even suggested that only 6% of companies that hired an MSP fired their in-house team. Many companies still see consultants as a way to reprioritize the role of their IT.

An IT consultant empowers your internal IT.

Through managed services, you can have an IT consultant who will help free up your internal IT staff. This allows them to focus more on their efforts that support business growth. By outsourcing tasks like infrastructure monitoring or access management, your team can freely create more strategic value to the company.

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Why Hire an IT Consultant

Information technology is a fast-paced, complex environment—and it’s best to leave it to the experts.

If you need specialized help for your business, hiring an IT consultant is the best decision you could ever make. Through strategic tech solutions, IT consultants can make your business more productive and profitable.

But don’t just hire any consultant. Only go with a company that has years of experience and a proven track record.

Call your trusted managed service company today and get tech advice straight from the experts.

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