Best Business Laptops For Startups, Best Business Laptops For Startups

Best Business Laptops For Startups

Best Business Laptops For Startups, Best Business Laptops For Startups
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Laptops have become the critical link to startup employees’ success in work-from-anywhere days of the late-stage COVID pandemic. And as such, L.A. Creative Technologies, naturally, takes the business of recommending, selling, and maintaining these devices very seriously. Here’s what we’ve learned about the Best Business Laptops for Startups.

When choosing the best business laptops for startups there are a few key areas to consider:

  • Functionality: the laptop’s ability to run the necessary programs and accessories
  • Value: how much money needs to be spent to get the necessary speed and features
  • Agility: how long is quoting and ordering process
  • Partnership: how does the support and warranty process work

We’re aware there are many companies that offer business laptops for startups. And that many of them are very well-known international corporations. And these were the companies we offered to our clients and used ourselves until recently.

However, we now choose Carbon Systems as our new standard line of laptops. And we do so because this partnership allows us to offer our startup clients more powerful devices at a cheaper price point. And along the way guarantee faster turnaround times and improved support.

Let’s dive deeper into how Carbon Systems compares in each of the key areas mentioned above.

  • Functionality: Carbon Systems only offers laptops with the modern specifications and speedy hardware..
  • Value: We often save client hundreds of dollars per device as compared to the big 3 manufacturers.
  • Agility: We can quote, ship and configure devices within a matter of days – far improving on the traditional big 3 delays
  • Partnership: Every Carbon device ships with a 3 year warranty – with U.S. based support and next day replacement options (no call centers or onsite tech visits).

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I trust Carbon Systems?
    • 1000’s of other users are happy with them — and they’re based out of sunny Santa Rosa, California.
  • What about Apple Macs?
    • Sometimes PC’s don’t make sense for every company – feel free to chat with us to determine if this is you.
  • Can I transfer my data to a new computer?
    • Of course! Ask us for help moving your data to the cloud and downloading to your laptop
  • How much do these laptops weigh?
    • Between 3 and 4 pounds – always less than comparable big 3 models