5 Tips & Tricks For Using Google Photos On Mobile

Google’s new photo application is changing the way people store, organize, and share pictures. The app has got lots of great features like automatic backup, link sharing, collaborative tools, and much more. We’ve hunted through every aspect of Google’s overhauled photo management platform to bring you the best features and tips that you might not have discovered yet.

Google Mobile


One of the best parts of Google Photos is how easy it is to share images through a link. Anyone with the link can see the selected pictures though, so make sure to go through them regularly and delete the ones you don’t need anymore. All you need to get the link is go to Shared links on the web menu.

Send Videos to YouTube:

Google Photos has some awesome video features too. It will store an unlimited number of videos and even upload them to You Tube. Head to the YouTube upload page and there’s a new option to import clips straight from Google Photos into your YouTube channel, where you can title, tag, and share as much as you want.


Google Photos sends every picture you take to your smartphone, tablet, or to the cloud. You can even do the same for apps like Instagram and WhatsApp on Android. All you need to do is open the app menu then go to Device folders to choose which folders to include or exclude from the back up process.

Create Stories:

Google Photos lets you create albums out of your photos with captions and a particular flow. All you need to do is go through the mobile apps. Just tap the Create icon (a plus symbol) then choose Story, then select the pictures you want, add captions and locations, and even change the cover photo.

View photos and videos in Google Drive

Go into the Google Photos settings on the web and you can choose to view photos and videos stored in Google Drive through the app. It is super useful if you already have a lot of your content stored in Google Drive.

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