Choosing the Right Managed IT Service Provider for Your Cannabis Company

November 27, 2019

Over recent years, attitudes toward cannabis use have changed rapidly in the US, with more people supporting its legalization. However, businesses in the cannabis industry are still facing difficulties such as stricter regulations, discrimination, and so on.

Data security may be the least of a cannabis business owner’s worries, considering the challenges in the industry just to meet compliance and earn a profit. But as your organization creates and stores more confidential data, you need a managed service provider to stay protected against cybercriminals.

Selecting a Suitable Managed Service Provider

When choosing a managed service provider, you need to consider the unique needs of your business, as well as some other factors. Below are a few of them.

Cloud Computing for Remote Workers

Cloud technology allows employees to work from any location. MSPs can provide communication tools to ensure that your employees are using the latest technology and complete tasks at the same level as they would be able to when using their office computers.

Guest WIFI with Access Controls

An MSP can set up a managed WiFi network for employees, customers, and guests in your cannabis business. In addition to keeping your network secure from wireless attacks, they can monitor the health of your wireless network devices. Failures are immediately logged and if necessary, a replacement unit will be installed in a timely manner.

App Management

A managed service provider should be able to provide application management services (AMS). This means they will be responsible for bug fixes, monitoring and releasing patches, as well as implementing minor enhancements.

It does not matter if you’re a small cannabis company or a huge enterprise—AMS will allow you to increase user satisfaction, improve efficiency, and free up your internal IT team so they can focus on moving forward rather than utilizing existing or outgoing tech solutions.

Secure Systems for Compliance

The cannabis industry is not like other industries. A managed service provider should be able to help safeguard you and your cannabis-related data from any breach. Only trust an MSP that can help you achieve regulatory compliance—failing to be compliant can be devastating to your organization.

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Strategic Planning

An MSP must be capable of helping you design or redesign your support and service organization to attain maximum efficiency. They can evaluate your existing organizational structure and identify if it is aligned to meet your future strategic goals.

Why Working with LA Creative Will be Beneficial for your Business

As an experienced managed service provider, our team at LA Creative believes cannabis businesses have unique IT demands. Because the field is always changing, you need an excellent IT service professional to keep you one step ahead of the competition.

We can tailor our managed services to better fit your needs and provide you the support of an in-house team. Our top-notch cannabis tech solutions help you achieve business goals without having an IT team that’s in your face all the time. LA Creative’s track record and seniority in the business enables your cannabis company to freely scale up with IT and security, as well as enjoy cost benefits.

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