Client Success Story: Partners in Solidarity

What Our Client Says:

“Josh always has a positive attitude, the ability to solve logistical problems on the spot, and the initiative to stay focused on achieving project goals. To this day, we consider him a valuable member of our team. {company} continues to provide immeasurable value to our operations; updating our website, promoting the project to various NGO’s, and problem-solving software and other technological challenges. Working with {company} has maximized our ROI and improved our capabilities.”  – Matthew Rutman. Director, Partners in Solidarity


Partners in Solidarity is an international program based in the highland department of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. Computers are collected, refurbished, and loaded with Spanish and Mayan language software and education programs creating community computer labs.

Each lab is “owned” by the community and each community is trained in maintenance and security to protect and care for the computers.


Partners in Solidarity trains groups of individuals in managing complex labs, many of whom have had little to no technological experience. It was important to create solid manuals and secure systems that could be referred to and utilized for years to come.

Services Performed:

  •      Training local teachers in basic computer skills and maintenance
  •      Researching and writing an Internet pilot program
  •      Re-designing project website
  •      Visiting rural schools and setting up computer labs
  •      Networking with local and international technological NGOs to promote the project.

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