Cloud Communications

Communication Is Moving To The Cloud

The way that businesses communicate is evolving, and with it evolves the demand for unified communication. Gone are the days of costly, unreliable land lines; Cloud Communication has become the new business standard. That’s why we use trusted industry leaders Masergy to provide superior Cloud Communication services that will cut the cost of complicated phone lines while improving your connectivity. Our Cloud Communication will seamlessly integrate into your current communication system and introduce a full scope of solutions designed to work together.

Masergy fulfills all of the regular phone lines’ features while providing new features only available with Cloud Communication:

  • Improved Business Continuity: When faced with a disaster, Masergy’s Cloud Communication system will stay online and ready to use.
  • Customizable Upgrade: {company} lets you to control your transition to Cloud– so you can upgrade when it’s convenient for you.
  • Call Pickup Group: A group of users, set by the administrator, who can answer each other’s calls – so you never miss an important call
  • Mobile Extension Dialing: Similar to landlines, users can dial an abbreviated digit to reach any member of their call group – Cloud Communication brings this to all your configured devices.
  • Voicemail Transcriptions: Receive email copies of your voicemails for convenient and efficient documentation.
  • Compatibility: Our Cloud Communication is compatible with Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Office, for quick and easy data transfer.
  • Automatic Callback: Users can monitor a busy party and immediately establish communication when the party becomes idle – allowing you to provide seamless and professional service.
  • Mobile Call Transferring: Users can transfer calls to one another between any configured devices.
  • 3-Way and Conference Calling: Multiple users can join a line, allowing for open communication between members of your team.
  • Call Forwarding: Users can forward all incoming calls to different phone numbers, so you can pick up your mobile phone on your house-line or vice-versa.

{company} knows how important communication is to any business, that’s why we supply you with the best in Cloud Communication. Contact us at {phone} or {email} to find out more about upgrading with Masergy.

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