Digital Creative Spotlight Josh Weiss

Where do you live?

Echo Park in downtown Los Angeles.

What are you listening to this week? (music, podcasts, etc.)
I am listening to a lot of music on SoundCloud, and MixCloud. I have quite a few playlists on SoundCloud.

What’s your current profession / project / passion?

I have two. I am the CIO, President, and owner of LA Creative Technologies, and I’m also a DJ/Event Organizer. I’m known as DJ Gozar.

What are some recent examples of your work that you’re most proud of?

I am really proud of how well we able to help one of our architecture clients. We moved them from the same office they had been in for the last twenty years, to a much more modern one in downtown LA. This client is very particular, so it was good to see everything fall into place for them. I am also really proud of the branding that I have done for LA Creative, and for my DJ work.

Describe your creative process.

It ranges from being tight and process-oriented, to manic and all over the place. Lately when I’m working, I usually have about 45 tabs open in Chrome. My process involves some creation, some distraction, and some research. I usually like to take walks when I know I’ve been at it too long.

Which tools, products and services do you use in this process?

As a DJ, the main tools I use are my Mac computer and Serato DJ, and I organize my music in iTunes. I also use SoundCloud for a lot of my music, and I’m always online looking for new music wherever artists happen to be promoting it. Once I have my music downloaded, I organize it there and back it up in my Dropbox account. Dropbox is very important to my process. Backing up continuously keeps it all safe. That’s the techie in me bleeding into my creative side.

What one major benefit do you get from technology you can’t imagine creating without?

When I used to DJ with records, having to carry all of my gear with me was always awful. We’re talking about a hundred pounds or more. These days, everything I need fits in a small backpack. I have access to thousands of songs, and the flexibility to play wherever I want, in all kinds of interesting locations, anywhere in the world. That’s something I could never have done a decade ago.

What do your colleagues / collaborators always want to do manually/analog that you wish they would automate/design a system for?

As an event organizer, I would really like to see the planning of events become a little more automated. Checklists are great because you don’t have to rely on other people remembering to take care of things. I wish we had an automatic check list to follow so everyone would always be on the same page. Unfortunately, things are always much crazier than that.

What do you do when you need a break from screens?

I get a break by moving and walking. I tend to walk a lot. My neighborhood is filled with old, Victorian houses. Getting outside and enjoying the scenery makes for a nice change.

Anything you want to add on the relationship between creative work and tech?

We live in an interesting time. Regardless of your profession, so much of our creative work happens on screens and computers. It’s important to remember what happens away from the screens, and what happens in the room around us. The ‘real world’ needs to stay a part of the creative process.

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