Is the occasional minute of downtime here and there costing you THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS?

You and I know how vital connectivity and uptime are to a business’ productivity, profitability and quality of service. Without a strong Internet connection, so many of the tools your staff uses every day will lag and waste company time. Your VoIP-based phone calls to important business contacts will cut in and out, time-sensitive emails will sit in the outbox waiting for the connection before they can send, and worse.

That’s why LA Creative Technologies offers SD-Wan and redundant network solutions via our trusted partners, Bigleaf Networks. By configuring redundant, backup connections, we ensure that no calls drop, bandwidth and latency perform at optimal rates, and your business keeps moving at the pace you need it to.

For example, one of our clients, a major realty corporation, recently achieved vast improvements in their performance thanks to Bigleaf Networks and our ongoing IT support:

  • 5 days of additional Internet uptime
  • 655 Quality of Service rate changes to eliminate choppy VoIP, slow web application performance, and more
  • 4 days of network problems avoided (dropped calls, broken web sessions and more)
  • 8 hours’ worth of minor issues fixed

Maybe these figures don’t sound like much to you. Maybe you and your staff are accustomed to the occasional slow day before a long weekend, so the idea of a day of downtime isn’t all that frightening.

Why not consider the facts?

In the Ponemon Institute’s most recent study, they found that downtime can cost up to $5,600 PER MINUTE! That’s including costs for repairs, wasted employee hourly wages, and more, meaning even one hour of downtime could result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages.

Can you really afford even a minute of downtime? More importantly, how long can your systems be down before your business goes bankrupt?

Why not find out for FREE?

Through our TechSurf service, LA Creative Technologies will assess your company’s current connectivity and related business needs, research the options best suited to you, and then help you make the right choice – even if that means staying with your current providers and not making a change!

What are you waiting for? Contact LA Creative Technologies right away at (323) 454-1312 or to stop losing money every minute due to downtime, dropped calls and worse.

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