IT Security

Keep Your Company Protected With L.A. Creative Tech's I.T. Security

Having consistent and reliable IT security is a crucial part of developing and maintaining a successful company. L.A. Creative Tech's experienced team guarantees the highest level of security for all of your company’s sensitive data. We prevent costly and embarrassing data breaches – keeping your business’ reputation squeaky clean.

Don’t settle for unreliable protection and one-size-fits-all solutions. Get in touch with L.A. Creative Tech to discuss the right IT security strategies and services for your company. Contact our team to learn more about what L.A. Creative Tech can do for you.

L.A. Creative Tech partners with Continuum to provide first class security audits and strategy development. We’ll protect your company from evolving threats, and ease compliance worries. Our detailed and defensive approach to risk management is what makes us industry-leaders in security procedures and protocols. L.A. Creative Tech understands the crucial role security plays in introducing new technologies, addressing evolving mandates, and defending against advancing threats. That’s why we offer a complete range of services to help reduce security risks and ensure the compliance, performance, and management of all systems and applications. These services include, but are not limited to:

  • Provide strong security intelligence through combining threat and risk data – so you can detect the danger before it’s too late.
  • Maintain seamless log management of rapid incident responses and extensive compliance reporting – so you are always informed.
  • Help plan your security strategy through detailed discussion about your company’s needs.
  • Create security assessment of your overall internal and external risks.
  • Help you implement and enforce new security policies to match your required regulatory compliance.
  • Analyze the threats and risks based on IT assets, and offer recommendations on how to lower those risks.
  • Create a security policy plan to provide a clear path to risk mitigation and remediation
  • Monitor and manage your network devices to ensure maximum uptime through our industry-leading Cloud monitoring system.
  • Encryption of emails and documents gives you control over who is able to read your files. L.A. Creative Tech uses industry leading Mimecast encryption technology to keep all of your emails secure.
  • Archiving your data in maximum security Cloud storage will prevent unauthorized personnel from accessing your sensitive information, and make it more convenient for those authorized.
  • 24/7 Network Management by L.A. Creative Tech assures that any and all malicious attacks are detected and blocked as soon as they occur.
  • Firewalls ensure your network stays secure by blocking unauthorized personnel from accessing sensitive data. L.A. Creative Tech relies on industry leaders Meraki & Sophos Firewalls to keep your network secure.
  • Anti- Virus software will prevent any malware from getting into your network. L.A. Creative Tech provides you with Webroot Secure’s Anti-Virus software to keep out spyware, viruses and keep your company functioning properly.

L.A. Creative Tech offers industry leading security against cybercriminals and harmful software, so that your company’s network can stay operational without fear of malicious attacks. Contact L.A. Creative Tech to find out more about how to keep you company safe. You can reach us at 323.454.1312 or send an email to info at lacreativetech dot com

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