Josh’s Monthly Musings

Wow, what a month it has been!

First off, here in Los Angeles I watched the U.S. election closely along with my professional and personal communities. And I’m saddened and concerned with the next 4 years of Trump presidency that lies ahead of us.

My worlds are diverse worlds: L.A. Creative Technologies counts two managed clients co-owned by LGBT minority couples, and outside of work I have friends and collaborators from across the cultural spectrum. Accordingly, the increased racism we’ve all been seeing around us is not being taken lightly.

On a business-level, I’m not at all sure how this will change the landscape for my own organization and that of my clients & prospects. Probably not so much for us in liberal-leaning Los Angeles, but I’ll be watching and adjusting focus and priorities as needed. I continue to feel blessed to work with the amazing companies that have chosen L.A. Creative as their provider and to expand new and exciting directions.

As described in more detail here, we just signed up Grand Performances as our newest fully-managed I.T. client. This is really exciting for me personally as represents two milestones for our managed business: they are both a non-profit committed to bringing free cultural services to the L.A. Community, AND they are focused squarely on music, a personal and creative passion of mine. Thanks so much to Deputy Director Nurit Smith for bringing us on board!

And now we’re starting the final push of 2016, wrapping up various projects, starting to help our clients plan their technology for 2017 and getting ready to spend some time with friends and family.

Thanks for reading and please let me know your thoughts on any of the above and if you need any help getting ready for next year

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