Josh's Weekly Content Round-Up (3/8/2019 Edition)

Cyber Security

Why I'm testing Brave as my Chrome browser replacement

Even though Chrome works fine, I've been searching for an alternative for a while. Because I'd like to avoid giving away all of my private info to Google any more than needed. Luckily, I've found a PRIVATE browser that actually beats Chrome in several extents - check it out HERE!

Cyber Security

How to Confront Problems: 101

Recently I learned about a checklist developed by, of all people, The CIA. Its called the "Phoenix Checklist" and will guide you through even the most complex problem solving process. Check it out HERE.

Cyber Security

Book: Digital Minimalism

Despite being a sociable soul, I often crave alone-time, far away from the digital realms. "Digital Minimalism: Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World" is a book people like me seeking solitude amidst their hectic schedule can strongly relate to. Check this nice review of the book HERE.

Cyber Security

This is Why You Should Never Call Back an Unknown Number

I've always been skeptical about calling back to unknown numbers. And after going through this article HERE, I've got more confirmation I've been spot on about this for all these times.

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