LA Creative Technologies a perfect fit for the fast-paced, high-demand work environment at The Robert Group

When The Robert Group required a brand of IT support that went above and beyond the regular call of duty, LA Creative Technologies was able to quickly and effectively implement functional solutions.

The Robert Group is an award-winning and long-tenured public affairs firm with offices located in both Los Angeles and San Francisco. Specializing in public engagement and community relations, The Robert Group is passionate about community engagement, betterment and continuity. As they manage large public infrastructure projects as well as private client requests, the nature of daily work at The Robert Group is varied, unpredictable and often dictated by tight deadlines. Correspondingly, the need for effective and accessible IT solutions round the clock is a top priority for sustaining functionality and productivity.

The Situation: A need for a kind of IT support that transcends the normalcy of regular working hours and environments.

Clarissa Filgioun, a founding senior associate at The Robert Group, explains the original IT company they partnered with simply “weren’t as responsive as we needed them to be.” Because The Robert Group works on large public affairs projects, timelines are often tight, resulting in the need for swift and efficient IT solutions. “Our previous provider often had response times of up to 36 hours and our clients are not sympathetic to missed deadlines.” Clarissa explains. When partner Chris Robert made initial contact with LA Creative Technologies, both she and Clarissa made the decision to bring them on board for more functional and real-time IT support.

The Solution: Round-the-clock, efficient support from an IT provider who deliberately seeks to understand client demand.

When LA Creative Technologies first came on with The Robert Group, their server had crashed at the start of a significant project. The LA Creative team was able to implement a temporary solution and then worked to develop and execute a successful IT support plan moving forward. This allowed for a productive, safe and functional IT environment to be forged at The Robert Group.

Furthermore, as part of LA Creative’s VCIO Service Offering, President Josh Weiss and team led a consultation meeting for The Robert Group to help uncover specific inefficiencies that could be solved using IT solutions. By engaging directly with members of The Robert Group team, LA Creative helped identify inefficiencies in accounting methods and led The Robert Group in the development and implementation of productivity sustaining IT solutions. LA Creative Technologies serves as a leader by offering continuity of support with a proactive to approach to IT implementation.

IT services offered by LA Creative Technologies aren’t limited to addressing procedural inefficiencies either. They work continually be a meaningful resource in the maintaining of productive and supportive IT environments. “With LA Creative Technologies, we’re able to speak with support specialists, technicians and consultants 24/7.” Figouln explains. The support LA Creative Technologies offers has made all the difference in sustaining a productive IT environment for The Robert Group. “We often work late nights or early mornings and on tight deadlines,” Filgioun emphasizes, “So the 24/7 support they offer us is exactly what we need.”

LA Creative Technologies has been able to meet the specific business demands of The Robert Group by offering:

  • 24/7 Access to Support / Consultation – LA Creative Technologies’ ability to provide IT support and consulting services to The Robert Group around the clock has been an incredible lifeline in terms of sustaining productivity. “We have little flare-ups throughout the day and we don’t have much leniency in terms of wait times.” Filgioun reiterates. “With LA Creative, we have direct lines of contact and direct access to the entire team 24/7. You can always reach someone by phone or email – they’ll communicate immediately, in whichever mode you prefer.”
  • Efficient and effective IT solutions – LA Creative Technology provides solutions that work and implement those solutions swiftly. Filgioun explains that since being with LA Creative Technologies, The Robert Group has “experienced express response times consistently; even when the head of the company was on vacation camping. They always make themselves available to us.”
  • Personalization of Service – LA Creative Technologies makes it their business to understand the specific business conditions and demands of each client. They then work efficiently to provide IT services that are directly responsive to those needs. For The Robert Group, personalization of service has manifested as an unparalleled IT support experience. Filgioun claims “they always get back to us personally and right away. They give us personalized attention and can be physically present for us as required.”

On the whole, LA Creative Technologies has been significantly effective in understanding and responding to the specific IT priorities relevant to The Robert Group. The partnership has been a success thanks to LA Creative Technologies and their ability to adapt to a high-demand work environment. “We really appreciate the level of service they offer us” Figouln underscores. “They have really built an amazing working relationship with us, both personally and professionally.”

If your business is seeking a more all-encompassing brand of IT support or if you’d like to know more about the specific services that LA Creative Technologies can offer your business, don’t hesitate to reach us at {phone} or {email}.

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