Project Visualization

Ensure Your Projects Run Smoothly With {company}

One of the most important aspects of growth within a company is successful and efficient project management. Although crucial to the development of your business, projects often go unfinished or lack focus on a specific set of goals. {company} will provide you with a virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) trained to guide you through Visualization and Solutions Selection stages of the project and assure its efficiency and success.

Through a series of workshops, your vCIO will act as a resource throughout the entire process, working to understand your needs and the goals of the project and plan the workshop sequences to include any and all stakeholders. These workshops are broken into two sequences.

Project Visualization: Before planning a project, we execute the Project Visualization sequence to create alignment with your team and ensure we know what success looks like to you. We’ll use the workshops to identify priorities, create alignment around the core components of the project and generate a report enabling the Solution Selection process to begin.

Solution Selection: During this sequence, vCIO will generate a list of solution candidates and facilitate a series of workshops with stakeholders, and vendors when necessary, to ensure the proper solution is chosen. The final report will document the process and provide information to be used during future Planning phases.

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