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Strategic vCIO services that’ll turn your technology into a powerful tool

A Chief Information Officer (CIO) is in charge of managing and making decisions about anything and everything related to technology & systems in a company. This has been an in-house position in businesses that understand it’s importance for many years. Paradoxically, advances in technology have made it unnecessary and overly expensive to have a CIO as a full-time employee, so many companies have started outsourcing these services.

We´ve been working hard to develop the most integral vCIO services possible and are very proud of the results. Our service is comprised of an on-demand, executive tech team with a deep understanding of the lifestyle, creative and non-profit industries. This team will ensure that you make optimal use of technology so it becomes your most essential tool for growth and productivity.


  • TechView Thorough digital transformation assessment
    We’ll give you an expert holistic opinion on your current systems and management
  • TechMapping Holistic tech infrastructure design
    We’ll create an optimal long-term I.T. strategic plan for you
  • TechOnomics Efficient technology budget creation
    We’ll help you develop an efficient yearly budget allocation for technology
  • TechLift Tech tools review & solution selection
    We’ll put you up-to-date with the newest  and most user-friendly hardware, software & Cloud tools and help you decide which are best for you and your team
  • TechManage Project & tech implementation management
    We manage your projects and tech implementations to keep people on point, tasks on
    schedule and ensure everything works the way its supposed to
  • TechDefense Data Security Strategy & Execution
    We secure your systems and backup all your stuff for safety from any disaster
  • TechDucation Tech Training and Education
    We ensure that you and your staff acquire a better understanding and control of your technology in order to take advantage of it to its fullest extent
  • TechBoost Digital marketing communication strategy review and management
    We’ll help you come up with automated sales products so clients keep coming in without you having to invest as much time on acquisition (ain’t life great sometimes?)
  • TechTertainment Fun times
    We like to think we can be funny, and otherwise appreciate that you pretend we are.

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