The Agency Trusts LA Creative Technologies To Guide Their IT Strategy

Perhaps you’ve heard of or seen The Agency—a real estate company that is more than just a real estate company. Their founder, Mauricio Umansky, was recently recognized as the third top producing real estate agent in the entire United States. What made this company grow to a business that has closed more than $4.8 billion in residential sales and is more than a real estate business, but is a lifestyle business too? They hired the right people and listened to what those people had to say. That is especially true when it comes to technology.

Josh Weiss is founder & owner of LA Creative Technologies and an I.T. & CIO consultant for high end real estate firms across Los Angeles. When companies are started, they often go for affordable or even cheap technology; they just look for “good enough” to get by. Josh has helped these companies upgrade that old, barely acceptable technology and cerate reliable tech systems that allow business to grow & expand without growing pains.

David, the current IT Director at the Agency says that he relies on Josh when The Agency faces unexpected issues. “When we have networking difficulties, when we’ve had trouble connecting to the wi-fi, or when speeds are slow or phones keep crashing, we call on Josh and he helps us out.”

When Josh first started working with The Agency, they were basically a small crew in a messy office with technology that was hardly allowing them to get by. With advice from Josh, and partly as a result of his efforts, they have become one of the fastest growing real estate agencies in the world. Thanks to Josh, they can do that without being distracted by tech headaches.

When The Agency has an issue above and beyond the normal Internal I.T. issues, Josh is there to help. For example, when The Agency’s old VOIP phone system had become inadequate, Josh led the search for and seamless implementation of a modern Unified Communications voice solution.

When a company like the Agency – a company that has done more than $4 billion in sales — has technology problems, it is very important that the people they call to fix those problems are available and able to get them back on track. For The Agency, and for several other businesses in the Los Angeles area, L.A. Creative Technologies is the team they rely on.

David, the IT Director at the Agency stated, “We call on L.A. Creative when we need have an issue outside of our expertise, and every time we [ upgrade ] networks and things like that – changes which are important to keep the office running smoothly – L.A. Creative is our go to. They are like an extension to our team on a contract basis.” David added, “I don’t think there’s ever been a problem they haven’t been able to fix for us; and of course they are always receptive and easy to get hold of.”

If you have need for Virtual CIO technology consulting or Managed I.T. Services, contact Josh Weiss at LA Creative Technologies and he will guide you in choosing & implementing the best solution for your situation. They will help solve problems you might be having now, and give you the advice you’ll need to keep future growth-related issues — more people, more technology usage, evolving business needs — from slowing you down.

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