Why Does my Outlook Online Look Different Today in Office 365?

July 22, 2019

We've had two tickets about this issue recently so wanted to share and help anyone else who may be experiencing this.

In short Microsoft is starting to force all users of Outlook on the Web to switch to the "New" version of the site effective 7/22/2019. While previously users could choose whether to use the new or old version, starting today they're starting to roll out a forced upgrade to the new version.

The relevant text is “the new outlook on the web will become the default experience and we will remove the opt-in toggle. After this change users will not be able to move back or see the classic experience"

See this article for more context: https://office365itpros.com/2019/07/05/new-owa-becomes-the-owa-july-22/

So, we are going to be limited to the types of visual display workaround - if you're a client (or if you're not!) reach out to us to discuss any possible solutions :)


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