Covid19 and your IT, COVID 19 AND YOUR IT


Time to go step by step while taking a big leap forward

At my company L.A. Creative Tech we have always been about taking your business out of the dark ages and into the world of remote workplaces. Now with Covid-19 changing our economic landscape for the foreseeable future, all of us have no choice. As we all have to work from home, many of us are wondering if we will ever want to go back to offices. All Business owners must take notice.

So what should businesses do about the changing workplace. The truth is we need to be proactive to keep our business afloat. We have to use this life altering time to grow our businesses in a new way. But first, we have to have the technology in place to accomplish that. That takes me back to where I started… we have to be proactive and scalable while using the new technology, but during these shocking times, we also have to be diligent and calm. Hence going step by step.  

Let’s look at 4 main tech/remote concerns that need revisiting- 

  1. HEADQUARTERS INFRASTRUCTURE– Is your main headquarters set up to handle remote workers? Now with Corporate networks having a majority of their connections coming in over virtual private networks (VPNs), are you experiencing unusual quirks?  Does the internet provider for each worker offer enough bandwidth so they can communicate when they need to?
  2. COMPANY TOOLS AND APPLICATIONS– What business apps are best to combat covid 19? Is your business using the cloud or is it utilizing local servers? Have you provided your remote workers webcams and microphones? How about cloud collaboration tools, like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Slack, etc? CRM and modern business management tools to keep the workflow moving? 
  3. EDUCATION FOR REMOTE WORKERS– Do your remote workers know how to use these apps? Do they know how to communicate with you and other workers? It’s great to send your remote worker a laptop, but are they trained in how to use it correctly?  Have they ever used a communication tool like zoom before or a production tool like slack? Training is imperative. 
  4. RISK MANAGEMENT– Have you made remote-work arrangements without time to deploy the appropriate cybersecurity measures? Covid 19 has produced an increase in cyberattacks and scams; such as phishing scams that play on our fears and anxieties, as well as malware trying to shut us down. The threat is especially high for businesses operating with a skeleton IT crew.

YES REMOTE WORK is now the new norm

Sure, people have been debating the issues surrounding working remotely for years. With Covid-19, now remote work is a necessity… so we do not need to debate this any longer. 

Over the past 10 years, 83% of U.S. companies have added flexible workplace policies, or are planning to adopt them, according to new research by the International Workplace Group. Covid- is going to change that.

We believe that the businesses who will most likely to survive the Covid-19 crisis are those that are welcoming remote work with open arms and already have started the process of integrating remote into their business’s operations.


  1. You will reach a broader talent pool.
  2. New tech and communication tools will make the workday easier 
  3. Your employees are going to see the amount of work they can get done at home… not driving in a car to work.


Yes it seems like we are being bombarded by all sides… with things that we can not control. Here is the good news- we are experts at keeping your businesses operational. Plus, we are ahead of the curve, when it comes to remote. We can offer you guidance on your journey, to make it easy and stress free. We have 4 support pillars… all you have to do is go step by step. 


  1. STRATEGY-  This is the first step. We conduct a planning session with you to answer questions like- what tech do you have in place, how can we make your team more agile and what methods your people use for collaboration? After we’re done, we’ll be able to tell you what’s needed in terms of hardware and services (and get it for you if you want). We will not overwhelm you, in fact by getting the advice of experts, we should save you time and money.
  2. STABILITY–  Next, we’ll have a second session focused on getting everything hooked up. We use this time to ensure that you’re working at your most comfortable and efficient. We will walk you through any new equipment and software.  We want to be sure you understand what you have now in terms of your IT infrastructure and how best to utilize it.
  3. STREAMLINE – Here we provide a 60-day Access to our online training portal with productivity insights to enhance your ability to get stuff done! Just because you now have new shiny equipment and your team is working better, complications arise, people need more guidance… we have  you covered.
  4. SECURITY– As we talked about earlier, keeping your business secure now can be more challenging. It’s no longer about keeping a server protected.. It’s about remote workers all over the globe with important and private data that need to be safe and secure. Our team offers an upgrade focusing on Cyber Security guidance focused on protecting your personal or professional info in these uncertain times.


With millions of people getting the chance to experience days without long commutes, or the harsh inflexibility of not being able to stay close to home when a family member is sick…we are certain that our workplaces as we know them are forever changed. We’re here to ensure our clients – current and future – not only stay open but implement positive changes for themselves and their employees while continuing to thrive!

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