, Digital Transformation and Nonprofits Adjusting to the New Norm

Digital Transformation and Nonprofits Adjusting to the New Norm

2020 has been a year requiring massive adaptability. COVID-19 is reshaping how business is done and simply put- non profits must adjust to the new normal, if they want to stay relevant.

The differences are stark- from working in an office full of staff versus communicating remotely, from fundraising with donors at their home versus attending a zoom meeting. The need to digitize not only business operations but also communication is obvious.

Nonprofits with a solid Digital Transformation strategy stand to benefit with increased fundraising capabilities, recognition, scalability and internal performance visibility. All while incorporating more of the agility needed to make it through the weeks ahead adjusting to Covid-19. In plain terms, if you want your non-profit to be active, be efficient and raise money during these times… being virtual and digitally sound is your best option.

But we understand, for most nonprofits, digital transformation can feel overwhelming. But we promise- the team here at LA Creative Tech can keep you hyper-focused on the activities that yield the highest levels of impact to justify your transformation to an efficient digital operation.

Examples of Digital Transformation for Non profits

  • Revamped Digital Donation Strategy to expand reach and increase revenue
  • Remote Meeting Guidelines to increase the efficiency and value of virtual team meetings
  • Arts organization pivoting to online Performances to continue their mission.
  • Construction of Production Studios to allow for live streams, content production and more
  • Implementing a Modern CRM to properly track donors and engage stakeholders
  • Define and procure the best Work-From-Home Tech Solutions so your team stays productive wherever they are
  • Leveraging sites like Fiver and Upwork to achieve Outsourced Marketing Execution and preserve internal team resources.


To keep it simple, we define Digital Transformation as the integration of digital technology into all areas of your non -profit, resulting in fundamental changes to how your organization operates.

Digital Maturity is the metric that allows you to measure your Digital Transformation. Your Digital Maturity Score will give you a crystal clear picture of your Digital Transformation status and return on your technology investment.

First a few questions for you-

Do you pay for IT support but not sure it is what you need?
Are you trying to gain a competitive advantage?
Do you question the value technology brings to your business?
Would you like to measure operational efficiencies?
Do you need to evaluate your IT strategy?
Does your team use many applications but you lack standardization?

Ok, if you answered yes to any of these questions-here is the next step…just ask me for a free assessment today!



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