Managed IT Provider, Does a Music Industry Business Need a Managed IT Provider?

Does a Music Industry Business Need a Managed IT Provider?

Nearly all business leaders know the value of modern technology in corporate environments, especially those in the music/entertainment industry. No matter what kind of business you’re in, there is a small chance of staying relevant and competitive in a fast-paced market if you don’t have the right kind of technology.

For that reason, many music industry companies have started getting assistance from a managed service provider (MSP). With dedicated IT staff, you have a team of professionals who can implement, maintain, and select the most suitable system and match the technology for your goals.

Below are a few examples of how a managed service provider can help grow your music industry business.

Infrastructure Buildout

Managed IT Provider, Does a Music Industry Business Need a Managed IT Provider?While smaller venues don’t need a traditional MSP, a company that specializes in managed services can still offer them fixed-fee projects for facility build-out. They can also monitor networks to ensure smooth, nonstop connectivity and deliver excellent hospitality, music, and design events.

For instance, a newly opened wine bar and restaurant may need to prioritize their bottom line which is music, entertainment, and design. They may need help with the project management of their IT, from low voltage wiring to the audio-visual areas. A managed service provider can also assist them with VOIP services and turn-up on the internet.

Nonprofit Services

There are lots of nonprofits in the music industry – and MSPs can benefit them in many ways. The truth is, running a non-profit can be a difficult task for organizations, particularly for those with huge budgets and those that are just beginning.

For both kinds of nonprofits, the process of managing their communications, fundraising, and mission should be simple and efficient.  Non-profit organizations of all shapes and sizes require a solid CRM strategy in place, as well as a stable IT environment that is specifically designed to accomplish their objectives and optimize their operations.

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Concert Venue Assistance

Managed IT Provider, Does a Music Industry Business Need a Managed IT Provider?Concerts are huge events that require 24/7 tech support. Businesses that deal with large-scale productions need a managed service provider to ensure the musical event will run without any problems.

MSPs offer remote monitoring and management of workstations, SaaS backup for their Google and Office 365 tenants, and network management. They also provide help desk and back-end NOC services for businesses of all sizes and shapes.

When it comes to musical concerts, the goal of a managed service provider is to serve as the backbone of the IT system used. They ensure that everything is executed smoothly. That way, concert promoters have peace of mind knowing someone is taking care of their tech and performances will never be affected by poor tech support.

Hiring a Managed Service Provider for Your Business

Just because the usual hobbies we have are not commercial endeavors doesn’t mean businesses focusing on those hobbies don’t need tech support for their day-to-day operations.

Modern-day managed service providers play a crucial role in any kind of organization. If your business is still not working with an MSP, now is the perfect time to get in touch with one. Aside from helping your enterprise reach new heights, an MSP assures you that your business is on the right path.

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