Digital Race, Don’t Lose the Digital Race to Your Competitors

Don’t Lose the Digital Race to Your Competitors

Leverage your productivity with the ‘right’ apps and tools

As a  business owner, do you wonder if you are leveraging technology enough to promote real growth in your business? Most of us ask the question, many of us on a daily basis. We all know that it is critical to our success, but for some reason, it is the last thing on our ‘to do’ list.

SMB’s are taking the slow tech boat to China

The fact is that most SMBs are the last to develop real tech strategies and structures.

According to research conducted by the SMB Group, “only 48 percent of SMBs are planning to find ways to move toward transformation, 36 percent have started to do things that will support transformation and 16 percent have no digital plans in place.”

There is no longer an excuse

We all agree that our new digital age is changing the way people interact. Customer satisfaction is no longer a slogan, but a necessity and loyal employees are happiest working from home. Enterprise-level businesses are utilizing the tools they need to service their customers and keep happy employees.  There is NO REASON anymore that SMBs can’t use the same type of tools and technology.

The price of technology is falling and the capabilities offered are increasing

Here are a few examples:

  • Chatbots can take over customer service tasks.
  • Social media management becomes much less time consuming and more effective with software like Hootsuite.
  • Online project management software like Trello is helping companies of all sizes track projects and provide a platform for communication among team members.
  • Cloud-based accounting systems like QuickBooks is making accounting simple for SMBs.

This partial list of technology demonstrates how an SMB can transform many of its processes to save time, reduce costs and improve competitive advantage. WITHOUT any large expenses. The results are truly impressive.

Let’s look into the future

The things SMBs have done in the past to be successful, are not nearly as effective in today’s digital world. Isn’t it time to build your brand, respond to customer expectations and develop a strong competitive advantage? In the past, only large corporations could consider the expense involved in things like, “building a brand”. With today’s technology, it is not only affordable, but it is commonplace. Isn’t it time to leverage the technology tools that exist and take digital transformation seriously? We think so… Get off the slow boat and step onto a high-speed train. It is more fun, less stressful and will certainly get you where you want to go, a whole lot faster.

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