Gift Ideas, The BEST of the BEST – Eight Great Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

The BEST of the BEST – Eight Great Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

Well, well, here we are deep in the midst of another Holiday Season. You know the drill: shopping for trees (or like me- digging them up out of your garage), stocking up on fattening snacks, having a wish list for yourself in your head that you know isn’t happening, wondering what to get your spouse/significant other this year, Holiday parties, dealing with family for way too long and of course the dreaded White Elephant gift exchange at the office!

Aside from all this fun, there truly ARE some wonderful aspects of this joyful time of year. As a matter of fact, you can turn every one of those points I just listed into positive ones. I am going to add one more for you as well.

It’s my first annual list of awesome gifts for clients, co-workers, bosses, and anyone else you want to get an unforgettable gift for! Now rest assured I did not go out and just copy the first list I found. I was initially searching for unique gifts for our clients. What I found was a plethora of interesting choices! Unfortunately, I also found so many lists that were just terrible.  Repetitive, uncreative and just plain stale if you ask me.

My gift to all of you this year (aside from all our wonderful tech tips) is my list of all lists. I literally spent HOURS (much to the chagrin of my boss AND my family) combing through these lists to put this baby together. My intention was to save all of you a ton of time and aggravation and show you some of the coolest things to gift this year. By the way, you won’t find any of these priced over $100 or even $50, so it’s not a high roller list either. So now, without further ado- HERE is the list:

1. The WYZE Cam – This thing is absolutely amazing. It’s a Wi-Fi smart home camera with 1080 Full HD, night vision (see up to 30’ in the dark!), live stream to your phone, FREE 14 day rolling cloud storage, Time-lapse photography, 2-way audio, and so much more. All for $19.99!:

2. The Keysmart compact keyholder – When living with the demands and pressures of an executive position, the last thing anyone wants is to worry about misplacing everyday items. This pocketable contraption keeps it all together, housing keys, and all other popular accessories (USB drive, bottle opener, etc.) in a compact design that doesn’t weigh down your pockets. You know, like most other key chains that make you feel like Schneider from “One Day at a Time.” Okay, I’m aging myself…

3. Speaking of aging – what could be more timeless than the ugly Christmas sweater??? Unfortunately, this is a tough one to evade- especially when you must wear one to attend that cool Christmas party uptown. I’ve got a solution! How about the Christmas hoodie??? This site is OUT OF SITE with some of the coolest hoodies I have EVER seen!! Check out:

You can thank me next year for that one!

4. The MaxGear Business Card Holder will not only impress your clients, but your clients’ clients will be likewise be impressed by the thumb-sliding feature. Business cards are dispensed one at a time when the user slides their finger over a button on the front of the cardholder. This thing is really cool looking and practical as well! A must for anyone who carries business cards.

5. The best thing about it is you can find it on Amazon. Another very cool gift (also found on Amazon) is the Levin Natural Bamboo Charging Station. It’s unique as opposed to so many plastic or composite ones out there. You can also find assorted sizes to meet the needs of your recipient. The cords can be threaded through the bottom, so they can keep their desk free of tangled cords, and keep sticky fingers off their chargers…not that I would know anything about that.

6.  Tools of Titans – The gift of a book has ALWAYS been a classy move. In addition, a hardcover is even more stately. If they don’t read it, at least it looks nice on the shelf. I don’t see them not reading this one though- it is a gem. In its over 650 pages are tactics and philosophies of over 200 world-class performers interviewed by Tim Ferriss in his podcasts. There are so many that resonate with me- here are just two:

The first I have always felt strongly about. The second, I inadvertently know all too well, lol. I feel that will change soon, though.

“Are you doing what you’re uniquely capable of, what you feel placed on Earth to do? Can you be replaced?”

“There is more freedom to be gained from practicing poverty than chasing wealth.”

Find this baby on Amazon too. Didn’t they start off as a bookseller by the way?

7.  I’m going to switch gears here a bit and give you a humorous gift idea. Especially if your boss’s name starts with an “A”! It could be your inside joke- just tell them it’s a monogram.

It’s a paperweight (not my favorite thing), but it’s an opportunity to “gift and jab,” as I say…

The super cool part is that the a-hole paperweight is handcrafted from reclaimed steel in the studio of Fred Conlon in Salt Lake City, Utah. At $45, it’s not cheap – but it is unique and certainly fun to give. Find it here:

8.  Okay, so we have come to the last of the “great eight” as I call this list. If you know me at all, you know I DON’T have a sweet tooth. They are ALL sweet! I really love my sweets. When it comes to giving chocolate, it’s important to be unique and of high caliber. Not to say your every day Hershey bar is chopped liver; it’s just that this list is meant to be of gift ideas that set you apart from the rest.

I am pretty informed when it comes to chocolate, but I was extremely impressed when I came across this site for the first time. There really IS a Maggie Louise (Callahan). Originally from Indianapolis, Indiana, Callahan attended Virginia Tech undergraduate and Harvard Law School. She worked for a prestigious law firm in New York City and later as a venture capitalist in San Francisco. You will have to go to the site and read more, but just know that the creative confections company is based in Austin, Texas, and has absolutely STUNNING collections that will instantly land you on anyone’s list of “memorable” gift-givers. The pricing is equally impressive as well, considering the quality.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read. I hope this list helps you.  I would love to hear your feedback. One more thing to be aware of;  I tried to spare you all the junk that comes with these lists: The advertisements that keep moving so that when you attempt to click your item to view, you accidentally pull up the sponsor’s website. The pop-ups of related items, the garbage you must read just to find the item, etc. It’s a nightmare. I took all those bullets for you and presented you with my list for 2017 and beyond. Happy Shopping!

I did find TWO more bonus pics for you!

1. The first is for anyone who has ever been interested in 3D printing but thinks it’s a way in the future. Well, the future is NOW, and XYZ Printing brings it to you, among others. It has starter printers for under $200 and even a 3D PEN for $39! (as of this update- check Amazon for even LOWER pricing after you read all about it on the XYZ site). This is the COOLEST thing out there for your “techie” person gift!

2. The second edition is a fully customizable LEGO figurine. Remember, this list, although mostly practical, was meant to be unique and memorable. This gift is certainly that. Check out Minifigs and create a gift that will leave them speechless! Of course…I’m referring to the figurine.  I don’t recommend the one pictured, but I chose one that would be fairly recognizable…

Oh, one more thing! I have had quite a few people ask me what would be a good gift for the “gamer” in their life. I have a GREAT one! If the gamer is over 18, this even more appropriate- give them this:  A JOB APPLICATION!

Okay, by popular request, I have a fantastic gift for the wine drinkers on your list!


Croma Vera makes handcrafted, small-production wines – unique gifts for the wine lovers in your life.

Their holiday shipping special through the 17th includes:

  • A handwritten gift card.
  • $5 flat shipping in California. Minimum $38 purchase.
  • $25 flat shipping outside of California*. With a minimum $76 purchase, up to 6 bottles.

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