Managed Services, How Managed Services Can Help Protect the Database of Your Cannabis Company

How Managed Services Can Help Protect the Database of Your Cannabis Company

Many companies have been developed in recent years to take advantage of the fast-growing cannabis industry, which is expected to become bigger in the near future.  As it continues to grow, so will its need for a strong cybersecurity and managed services.

Managed services involve assigning IT operations to a third-party provider, who will be in charge of round-the-clock management, repair, and monitoring. In this blog, we will talk about the advantages of getting managed services and how it can keep the database of your cannabis business secure.

Data Backup

Managed Services, How Managed Services Can Help Protect the Database of Your Cannabis CompanyJust like any other type of business, a cannabis company needs database protection. A managed services firm will create data backups regularly so your data stays secure at all times. These backups are sent to the cloud and are easily accessible wherever you may be, as long as there’s an internet connection.

Unlike storing data backups locally, uploading your data onto the cloud is much safer. Local data backups can be wiped out should a natural disaster happen. But when your data is in the cloud, it will always be monitored and protected with encryption.

Network Monitoring

Your staff members need to keep focused on their main tasks in order to ensure peak efficiency. Doing this can be a challenge if you are also dealing with IT problems and trying to protect your data.

Managed services help by maintaining and monitoring your network–alerting you right away if there are major issues. You can focus on your primary business goals with little to no trouble, thanks to this third-party protection.

Two-Factor Authentication

Managed Services, How Managed Services Can Help Protect the Database of Your Cannabis CompanyWhen you have two-factor authentication, your database will always be safe. It serves as an extra layer of protection and makes sure that more than a password is required for someone to access your account.

In this kind of authentication, the user is required to verify a log-in activity by sending an email or text message with a unique access code. This gives your cannabis company a higher level of protection against hackers and unauthorized entry.

Regular Security Updates

New types of computer viruses are constantly wreaking havoc on different systems. To combat this, your cannabis company needs to partner with a managed services firm specializing in malware protection and anti-virus software.

With an IT service company by your side, you will have new security updates installed regularly.  These updates play a crucial role in making sure that your database will have maximum protection against cybercriminals looking for vulnerabilities in your system.

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IT problems can cause serious harm to your cannabis company–even in the short term. Regardless of the size of your business, you have no chances of surviving for long without secure and constant access to your company’s database.

When you’re in the cannabis industry, there’s always a strong need for the right kind of IT services. Managed services are widely considered as the way of the future as they enable you to find and solve tech problems before they affect your business. With the regular maintenance and monitoring such services provide, your database will stay protected at all times.

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