IT Road Map, How to Build an IT Road Map for a Non-Profit Organization

How to Build an IT Road Map for a Non-Profit Organization

Handling a non-profit organization can be quite a challenge, even for those with substantial budgets and groups that are just getting started. Managing their fundraising efforts, communications, and mission should always be easy–that’s why a non-profit organization will benefit a lot from IT companies.

Regardless of their size, non-profits require a customer relationship management strategy and IT environment made specifically to accomplish their goals and optimize their activities. In this blog, we will provide essential suggestions on how to make a robust IT roadmap for non-profit clients.

Our team at LA Creative aims to establish open communication and trust with a client. In order to get acquainted with their services and operations better, we give potential clients a free IT assessment audit.

There’s no doubt that not all companies are the same. Although a lot of non-profit organizations share common problems and roadblocks, the most ideal IT solution should be custom designed by a managed service provider.

Managed IT Services: Getting an Assessment

IT Road Map, How to Build an IT Road Map for a Non-Profit OrganizationA common mistake made by most organizations is they start by purchasing tech equipment and services that are too costly and incompatible with their needs. They fail to understand what is required or how to get things started. Thus, it’s essential that they get an assessment audit from IT companies.

Thanks to their expertise, MSPs know how organizations should run. They are aware of the impact of replacing one system with others. An IT assessment gives non-profits an idea on how to come up with an IT infrastructure vision that keeps security in mind, select the right tools, and create a well-thought-of plan that benefits them now and in the long term.

Below are 6 concerns an IT audit assessment can address.

  • Do your plans keep the proper information security and compliance needs in mind?
  • Do your members have easy access to tech support?
  • Are you able to save money with your tech tools and equipment?
  • Do you have the required manpower to examine, design, and handle your IT?
  • Are you prepared with the tools needed to augment your fundraising augmenting your fundraising efforts?
  • Can your budget and tech roadmap be used to request funding?

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What a Non-Profit IT Roadmap Includes

IT Road Map, How to Build an IT Road Map for a Non-Profit OrganizationNon-profits are empowered by progressive IT providers through certain tools that allow them to prioritize requirements and goals. Some of the things an IT roadmap for non-profit organizations should include are:

  • A reliable implementation and adoption strategy
  • A plan for keeping information, funding, and reputation cyber-safe
  • An IT infrastructure plan focusing on organizational goals
  • An assessment of operations ensuring specific organizational processes remain flexible and optimal
  • An architecture outline defining plans for necessary technology
  • Process redesign recommendations to use tech innovations and apply best industry practices

Why You Need Outsourced IT Solutions

In recent years, the non-profit industry has changed a lot. Today’s non-profits need to keep being innovative in their efforts. Thus, getting an assessment from IT companies is crucial for any non-profit organization.

Once the necessary improvements are made on your non-profit, achieving your goals will be much easier. You can increase awareness, be more effective at engaging potential donors, and at collecting donations.

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