Managed IT Services, How Your Chosen IT Company Can Help You Work From Home?

How Your Chosen IT Company Can Help You Work From Home?

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, more and more companies have decided that the best way they’ll be able to continue their operations without compromising the health and safety of their employees is to have them work remotely. Of course, this poses some challenges especially when it comes to setting up the right equipment and making sure your employees are able to connect to your internal systems. This is where managed IT services come in.

Installation and Setup of Remote Systems and Computers

Managed IT Services, How Your Chosen IT Company Can Help You Work From Home?While it may seem as easy as providing your employees with a company desktop or laptop and making sure they have internet access, setting it up to connect to your internal operating systems is an entirely different story. First off, working with the right managed IT provider will make this process a whole lot easier. How so? Well, they’ll take the time to learn about the operations of your business and find the best work-from-home solutions to support it. They’ll present you with options as well as discuss the pros and cons of each one. Once you’ve decided on which system will work best for your business, they’ll be able to tweak it to make it more customized for your operations.

Next, they’ll install and setup the necessary software programs on the computers your employees will be using once they work from home. Depending on the package your sign up for, they can even go as far as setting up the computer in your employee’s home and training them on how to use the new systems.

Provide Timely Support

Having timely technical support is one of the most important aspects in making sure work-from-home operations run smoothly. This is because system issues can arise anytime and this can lead to a loss in productivity for your workers. A credible managed IT provider will guarantee timely support for your team during your business hours thus ensuring minimal downtime in your operations.

Ensures Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is critical for virtual workspaces. It is very important that internal systems are equipped with the latest measures to ensure that all the data stored in your servers don’t get hacked. On top of this, it is important that your employees are trained on the best cybersecurity practices when working from home. Reputable managed IT providers will not only ensure that your system has iron-clad firewalls in place to prevent unauthorized access, they’ll also be able to train your employees on how to protect themselves from a cybersecurity attack.

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