it support team, How do I know if my I.T. support team is really supervising our cybersecurity?

How do I know if my I.T. support team is really supervising our cybersecurity?

When is the last time you had an external third party penetration test done on your internal I.T. systems? Put another way, when is the last time you had a third party analyze your cybersecurity the same way a hacker would?

When is the last time your I.T. support company (or your internal I.T. manager) gave you a report verifying all security systems & backups are working as they should be?

The unavoidable truth is that in 2021, I.T. providers (also known as Managed Service Providers) are under attack, along with their internal counterparts in the I.T. department. And because security is SO important to us, I have an external partner audit our own security systems to ensure they are firing on all cylinders every month, with the goal of better protecting our clients.

I personally know providers who slipped up and had every computer at every one of their clients get infected with ransomware (i.e. all data inaccessible to their employees). And business owners who’ve had their servers infected due to password mistakes made by their accountants. This is not fear-mongering – these are the stories I’m privy to in my line of work.

Before I go further, I’ll say that while these third party assessments usually cost $998, we get to offer two of them for free every month to companies who are serious about their security, or curious about how well they are currently protecting.

Perhaps YOU’d like one of these tests for your own company.

Ultimately, this test will help you answer 3 critical questions about your company’s cybersecurity posture:

  1. How do I know if my I.T. support team is really supervising our cybersecurity?
  2. How do I know if my expensive security tools are doing a good job protecting me?
  3. What would an attacker get to if I (or one of my team members) slipped up and clicked on the wrong link?

So, how does this process work?

  • Schedule a 10-minute call with Amir to answer 5 quick questions about your security.
  •  We’ll send you a link – you, in turn, should click this link on your own computer along with two others (ideally those belonging to someone in the executive, finance, or operations team)
  • We’ll schedule a 45-minute session where we can share with the owners of these 3 computers what we found and what you can do to stay safe going forward.
  • And as an added bonus, you’ll know how well your current I.T. is paying attention by whether or not they ask you about the tool we ran 🙂


  • How can we offer this so cheap?

We know these tests usually cost $10,000 – $15,000 to deliver. That’s why we ask for your collaboration by having 3 people click the link we send – by doing this we save the time that’s usually spent on “tricking” someone to click on a link. Also, we’re only testing the 3 most important computers, rather than ALL computers, which further helps us save time.

  • What type of tests are you running?

We run a variety of tests – from checking your anti-virus and firewall settings to checking whether your computers are locked down from installing malicious programs, verifying the administrator password is different across every machine. We run some proprietary tests as well that we can share more about when we speak.

  • Do I need to ask my I.T. provider for the administrator password?

NO – most of these tests require an administrator password – but we’re proud that ours does not, making this process easier for everyone.

  • Why should I let you onto my system?

We know this is a privilege and we don’t take it lightly. We’ll have a mutual NDA in place before starting work, and we’re happy to intro you to multiple current clients to verify we are whom we say we are.