At LA Creative Technologies, we’re enormously proud that several of Los Angeles’ historically recognizable buildings, such as City Hall, were designed by our architecture clients. We’ve been supporting architecture firms for more than 8 years, and during that time we’ve learned that each project is a new and exciting endeavor with its own unique challenges.

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More Designing, Less Admin

Behind the resulting blueprints is an array of powerful and streamlined technology that enables our clients to spend more time designing than updating, patching and running backups. Extra-large data storage and multicore processing accommodates 3D design and rendering through applications like Autodesk, SketchUp and Rhino.

Business Cloud Solutions

Cloud-Based File Sharing

Document sharing and sending large design files is a pain point for many firms. Our clients see enormous benefits in this regard by migrating to cloud-based collaboration solutions that unburden local networks and on-premise infrastructure.

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Everywhere Access, Always Productive

Important work takes place remotely and at construction sites. In these cases, instant access to documents on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets increases productivity. Combine this with cloud storage, and fieldworkers can collaborate with office staff seamlessly and without creating multiple versions of the same document.