After 20+ years of serving music, education, community service and religious nonprofits, we are awed by the immense changes you create, like how the river carves the canyon. But, unless you’re a spin-off from a pharma company or receive court-ordered philanthropy from a billionaire, your nonprofit almost certainly faces all the daunting challenges that every for-profit business confronts, plus a few more to boot. It’s a pressure-cooker environment in which your altruism, passion and self-sacrifice are powerful ingredients that demand the right support and infrastructure to produce success.

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Unique Solutions for Unique Challenges

Limited funds and spending inflexibility are daunting adversaries that inhibit your ability to invest or adjust course. Consequently, while many nonprofits are daring innovators in seeking new solutions to persistent problems, you need stable, reliable technology solutions to serve you consistently over the long-term. Additionally, where board members who are sometimes far removed from the daily realities often hold the keys to important purchasing and strategy decisions, you need a technology partner to guide and help communicate your technology strategy to stakeholders.

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Technology to Attract Talent and Unleash Potential

To attract quality talent, many nonprofits increasingly embrace geographically distributed workspaces. This increases the importance of effective collaboration tools to deliver timely services to beneficiaries. Nevertheless, a fully integrated, enterprise-level collaboration suite might be beyond your price point. We work to get our clients every conceivable nonprofit discount and rebate, and we also present you options for how and where compromises might be made. For example, when switching to a free app might clear cash to purchase a greater functionality solution elsewhere.

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Secure Your Beneficiaries, Donors and Reputation

It used to be that nonprofits faced the lowest risk of cyberattack. Those were the days! Many nonprofits store sensitive personal data related to the services they deliver and the identities of the beneficiaries and donors they interact with. This means today’s competitive, trailblazing nonprofit needs more than a free version of Norton Antivirus to protect infrastructure and avoid irreparable damage to reputation.