At LA Creative Technologies, we’re enormously proud that several of Los Angeles’ historically recognizable buildings, such as City Hall, were designed by our architecture clients. We’ve been supporting architecture firms for more than 8 years, and during that time we’ve learned that each project is a new and exciting endeavor with its own unique challenges.


Technology Designed for Your Spirit Animal

You need to be nimble, confident and aware of your limitations. Your spirit animal is a cross between the rabbit, lion and owl. Not surprisingly, your tech needs are often equally as demanding and contradictory – and that’s our specialty. This means we’re always pushing the limits on the physical universe to get you solutions that are good, fast and cheap, all at the same time.

LA Creative Technologies

Flexible Workspaces and the Cloud

Many startups are partially or entirely remote workplaces which means a collaboration solution that integrates audio calls, messaging, video conferencing and document sharing is essential. You’ll also appreciate the consolidated recordkeeping since you don’t have time to document and archive your every move.

A geo-distributed team and limited funds mean that the cloud, rather than on-premise infrastructure, is almost certainly the way to go. A monthly fee is less of a gutshot than an enormous upfront investment in servers and software. Moreover, you’ll want the flexibility to enable additional functionality and performance as your business grows.

LA Creative Technologies

Technology for Punching Above Your Weight

Taking on Death-Star-size behemoths in a hypercompetitive market often means you have a narrow, exhaust-vent-size opportunity for success. This requires that you get it right on the first try. So, while the ideas, passion and grit are all yours, it’s important to have a big brother startup like LA Creative Tech to provide mentorship and strategic guidance.