managed it services, Catch LA Creative Technologies’ Josh Weiss at the 420MSP Cannabis Tech Conference

Catch LA Creative Technologies’ Josh Weiss at the 420MSP Cannabis Tech Conference

California, April 2020 Information technology supports organizational transformation. It is instrumental in delivering business value. The IT departments of various companies work to make their companies more competitive by ensuring the alignment of their IT and business strategies.

The growth of IT technology opens doors to other organizations to develop new services and products, and get their products to the market to keep up with the competition. With the rapid rate of development in the IT sector, it becomes difficult for many companies to thrive on their own.

Managed IT Services for Specific Industries

managed it services, Catch LA Creative Technologies’ Josh Weiss at the 420MSP Cannabis Tech ConferenceOwners of managed services companies thrive on networking and sharing their ideas and industry perspectives. With this, LA Creative Technologies’ Josh Weiss, will be attending the 420MSP Cannabis Tech Conference in June. The conference will discuss one of the hottest industry verticals in the U.S.–commercial cannabis growing for medical purposes.

Josh Weiss is an authority in cannabis vertical, as LA Creative Technologies develops technology solutions to tackle the exacting regulations involved in the financing, sales, and supply chain for this strictly regulated industry.

He’ll be sharing his more than 20-year experience in the industry, along with nine other experts in the IT, retail, sales, and managed services.

If you want to boost your IT department or need IT services, consider the benefits of hiring a provider of managed IT services. It’s a more efficient way of availing of IT and industry expertise. And if you want to enter the cannabis vertical, you should not miss the 420MSP Cannabis Tech Conference.

Third-party IT specialists

Companies don’t want to be left behind the race to innovate and develop new products. The good news is, managed IT services are here to help companies with limited IT resources, and organizations that want to avail of the expertise of third-party groups without hiring new staff. These organizations are called Managed Service Providers (MSPs).

Depending on the Service Level Agreement (SLA) between a client and supplier, a managed service provider can be responsible for a part of or the entirety of the IT systems of a business. The service may include resolving issues, reporting, and 24/7 monitoring.

Working with managed services is advantageous to businesses as the services have a flat fee. The service agreement defines the services that the provider will furnish, the degree of their involvement in the IT system, and the metrics they will use for measuring the success of the partnership and the service.

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Benefits of Hiring Managed IT Services

managed it services, Catch LA Creative Technologies’ Josh Weiss at the 420MSP Cannabis Tech ConferenceInformation technology is one of the top business drivers today. Information technology is critical for companies that thrive on innovation. The service is vital for mainstream and regulated industries. Most traditional companies, such as agriculture, benefit from computers as they can automate several processes, including supply procurement, technical research, financial planning, and production records.

Emerging businesses responding to current demands, benefit from the expertise of IT professionals who are always on top of their game. They study the trends, learn industry sectors, and develop flexible and scalable programs that can easily tailor to fit the specific needs of a client. Some providers develop specific IT programs for niche companies.

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