Josh’s February Musings…

These last few months as a U.S. Citizen under Trump have been alarming. I’m a Jew who has spent much time learning about the Holocaust and saying “Never Again”. I see the necessity to publicly speak out about the outrageous targeting of an invented “enemy” currently being carried out by the U.S. Government and offer my services to those fighting this injustice.

I’m proud that at L.A. Creative Technologies, two of our clients’ companies are owned my Minority LGBT couples, and that most the organizations we support are run by women. I’m proud that our employees were raised by parents from Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America, and that many of our collaborators are immigrants themselves.

I’m proud to be part of a community of men and women of every religion from all around the world — Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Puerto Rico, Israel, Palestine, Buenos Aires, Morocco, Spain, Venezuela, Bali, India, Bulgaria, Kenya, Iran, Germany, Argentina, Colombia, Italy, Canada, Cuba, Austria, Switzerland, Ethiopia, Jamaica, Belize, Brazil, Turkey, Perú, Japan, Vietnam, China, Haití, Pakistan, Russia… this is what America looks like.

I want to offer my time and I.T. & Organizational Development expertise to help organizations working against these causes — use my contact info so we can discuss further.

Fundamentalists of every kind are causing violence in this world – Christian, Jews, Muslims, the list goes on. Falsely accusing the citizens of entire nations and encroaching upon the dreams of millions is not done in the actual interest of protecting America’s citizens. This is done purely to incite hatred, create a more fearful and repressed citizenry and enable further humiliation and subjugation of immigrants.

I have no illusions that this country wasn’t built on racism and hatred, but to watch even the veil of human decency be stripped away is brutal and surprising to behold. And to hear the way these hateful words and decisions are affecting so many of my closest friends and colleagues is heartbreaking.

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