Josh’s January Musings, Josh’s January Musings…

Josh’s January Musings…

I’m sitting here preparing January’s newsletter while browsing a Facebook feed full of Trump inauguration news. As you may have ascertained from reading these newsletters or knowing me personally, this is not news that sits well for me or any of the business, creative, and personal communities I’m a part of. However – this same discomfort illuminates the increased need for community and collaboration in supporting the needs and goals of those around us…To that effect, I’m more grateful than ever for the strong partnerships L.A. Creative has formed with a growing number of Los Angeles businesses.

I spent some time in the early days of 2017 envisioning plans for the year. Two resources that mainly benefitted me were the Khorus 2017 CEO Planning Guide and Julliene Gordon’s 2017 New Year Guide. Both of these are free (though I don’t regret buying a paper copy of the New Year Guide). I’ve been using the Gordon’s resource to plan out my weeks and days, helping me get more done, or at least know how I spent my time when I DON’T get things done. For all the digital work I do, I’ve been enjoying using a pencil and writing down what I’m doing and what I’ve done

All that time planning reminded me that the major theme at L.A. Creative for 2017 would be GROWTH. Starting out, this will involve hiring a new team member to assist our help desk with client support, and to help drive the company’s back office operations. This team member will benefit from the documentation we created last year, as in 2016 we took the time to write down how to perform critical processes to facilitate training going forward.

And with a growing team, we’ll continue to focus on growing our client base. For January, this looks like consulting with a fast-growing startup to help them build a new flagship headquarters office and to focus on their overall network and bandwidth strategy for their national warehouse properties. And in general… it means continuing to focus on marketing efforts to get the word out about our services.

I have so much gratitude to our clients and to everyone who has supported us and helped us grow. Employees, Consultants, Contractors, Vendors, and friends, you all form an incredible resource network for me!

I’d love if you took a few minutes to chat with me and let me know what you’ve got planned for 2017, or ask any questions you may have. Just reply to this e-mail, or call me anytime at (323) 902-6820.


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