Monthly Musings, Josh’s Monthly Musings – 2016 in Review

Josh’s Monthly Musings – 2016 in Review

WOW — 2016 has been quite a year.

In taking the time to sit down and review the year in preparation for this newsletter, I’m struck by the dichotomy between my own personal and organizational successes, contrasted against the stark realities of our contemporary social and political climate. So many of the conversations I’ve had since the election have reflected both my own and others’ frustration or worry about the direction global political leadership is taking. But even within these uncertain times, I’ve continued to run and grow a successful business – and have watched both our clients and many of my colleagues do the same.

For L.A. Creative Technologies, 2016 was the year we began developing business-first I.T. strategies for our clients (and ourselves) along with delivering Managed I.T. Services – what we call “I.T. 2.0”. Our main goal is to empower clients to accomplish their business objectives through digital solutions, and to help them find more time for their creative and personal endeavors. We want to redefine the way companies relate to their technology; that’s why we provide services that help them understand it from a strategic standpoint.

Internally, the strategy I implemented for LACT this year focused on 3 main areas: Client Service, Marketing, and Growth

Put simply, Client Service is what we do for a living. If our clients don’t get impeccable service from us, we know they’ll choose to go elsewhere. To that effect, I’ve put a lot of effort this year into studying and implementing methods for improving our client service. This has focused around improving our client documentation and checklists, improving automated maintenance procedures, and implementing new monitoring technologies so we’re always aware of what’s happening on our clients’ networks.

This year, we had a lot of “new”. New logo, new website, new brand identity, a regularly updated blog, and more. These are part of our greatly enhanced Marketing efforts, directed by our partners at Ulistic and Run and Hop. A large part of what Ulistic – basically our Marketing Department — does for us is leverage technology to automate tedious marketing tasks and help get the word out to as many people as possible about what LACT does.

Thankfully, and as a testament to our work on both Client Service & Marketing, we’ve also experienced expansive growth this year. We’ve gained new clients in fields as diverse as Music Production, K-12 Education, Spiritual Instruction, and more. Our revenues increased by 50% over the last 12 months, and I’m excited to announce we’ve just hired a new team member as well. I’m continuing to use technology to assist in the management of this growth – including everything from training to task management to internal communication systems.

The best part of this growth has been the great projects we get to work on for our clients. This year, we moved 3 clients into new built-from-scratch offices, performed a technology refresh for a 300 student and 100 staff non-profit Catholic High School, began creating a new digital strategy for the LA. Institution of Grand Performances, and lots of other fun things.

I have so much gratitude to our clients and to everyone who has supported us and helped us grow. Employees, Consultants, Contractors, Vendors, and friends, you all form an amazing resource network for me!

I’d love if you took a few minutes to chat with me, and let me know what you’ve got planned for 2017. Just send me an email at {email}, or call me any time at (323) 902-6820.


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