Rekord Box, [Part 2] Rekord Box, Buddy

[Part 2] Rekord Box, Buddy

A lot has changed in the world of DJ-ing over the years, with new innovations that transform how we use and organize a digital record library. From Serato to RekordBox, DJs can now show up at any gig without having to bring heavy equipment because they have everything they need in their pocket.

What’s even better is that a niche software called Rekord Buddy recently upped the ante by addressing the drawbacks from its predecessors.

What You’ll Need to Accomplish This:

Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can transfer your songs from Serato to their shared home on a compact and flash drive.


  1. Get the Songs into a Serato Crate (Note: the more songs, the longer it takes)

  • Drag them from the existing iTunes crates in Serato if using iTunes or,
  • Drag them into any crate you want

If using iTunes, the tracks can’t be read directly from there so you can’t keep playlists in sync automatically. You need to manually update / and / or / delete and re-create the Serato crates.

  1. Close Serato

  2. Insert USB drive with enough space

  3. Open Rekord Buddy

  • Ensure iTunes is closed
  1. Sync Serato Playlists to Rekord Buddy

  • Click the round arrow on the lower right
  • “Syncing Ending successfully and caused changes in your Music Files and some warnings”
    • Save Changes
      • Feel free to look at the warnings– they are usually tracks that can’t be accessed or have
      • File format invalid
      • In your Serato collection is referenced by multiple tracks
    • Saving was Successful and Caused Some Warnings
      • More info
        • 19 tracks, same as above
        • OK
  1. Now you’ll be able to see your new playlists as a crate on the left side of Rekord Buddy

  • Scroll down if you need to.
  1. Quit Rekord Buddy

  2. Open Rekord box

  3. Open the arrow next to “rekordbox.xml”

  4. Highlight the playlist

  5. Ctrl click -> export playlist -> select your drive

  6. OK -> Don’t ask me again


There you have it! Now you can move your files from Serato to a USB flash stick in an instant. If you missed the first part of this blog, feel free to check it out by clicking on this link.

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