Levin & Associates Architects

"We hired L.A. Creative to solve problems that we simply didn't understand. And Josh & team made it very easy for us to kind of let go of that and focus on what we did know. Which is hospitality and design. And let L.A. Creative do their thing."

Eric Tucker
Founder, Melody Wine Bar

Levin & Associates Architects


Levin & Associates, an Architectural company, needed the technology that would help them manage data, have easy access to project information but at the same time keep data secure from data loss and cyber attacks.


L.A. Creative Technologies made their system more efficient and reliable, updated and installed a back-up system to protect the data and information of the business.


"Losing any of our project information can be catastrophic in our line of work. L.A. Creative Technologies has made our systems so much more efficient and reliable. We now access all files as needed with no fear of data loss." - Brenda Levin, FAIA Levin and Associates


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