Unresponsive Technology, Say Goodbye to Outdated and Unresponsive Technology

Say Goodbye to Outdated and Unresponsive Technology

Can you really run your company SUCCESSFULLY with outdated and unresponsive I.T.? ‍

Can you somehow get by without investing in core IT infrastructure, cutting corners with outdated computers, a lagging network, and no business continuity strategy? One more question. Can you afford the costs of your website crashing, your server going down or your client’s emails gone missing? We think not.

Unresponsive Technology, Say Goodbye to Outdated and Unresponsive Technology

No matter your business or industry, technology is running your operations, keeping your data safe and helping you communicate with your team, partners and clients. Treat your tech right and it will respond accordingly.

‍It’s simple: having the right tech infrastructure makes all the difference in the world, transforming you from a fledgling company always trying to compete, to a leader in your field. I know this sounds extreme, but it is true.

Here’s what an outdated IT infrastructure looks like:

  • Slow internet and wireless that hinders your daily work and productivity
  • Constant spinning beach balls and hourglasses right when you’re trying to print a presentation
  • Ever-present trouble printing and scanning
  • Choppy phone calls
  • Downtime no one can afford
  • Everyone’s favorite- freezing apps that require a manual restart

Here is what a strong IT Infrastructure looks like:

  • Expert computer management
  • State of the art software and hardware customized for your business
  • Network management and monitoring
  • Server management
  • Regular updates
  • Maintenance and backup services
  • Proactive strategic measures to ensure the reliability and safety of your network – BEFORE disaster strikes

Having a backup system that guarantees maximum uptime, minimal downtime, and automated reporting and monitoring technologies so your servers, routers and firewalls performance, availability and utilization are working at their optimum performance, is what saves you time and money. Oh and let’s not forget, if anything goes wrong, 24/7 tech service to support the troops.

Okay this sounds good, but will it break the bank? Not with LA Creative.

The L.A. Creative Difference

After 10 years of serving some of the most innovative and creative companies in Los Angeles, we have the resources and we know how to not only keep our client’s IT running smoothly but also scaling the tech in a way, so our clients have a more balanced lifestyle.

We’ve invested a tremendous amount of time and money in building our own proactive IT infrastructure that supports our client’s business operations, no matter the size or industry.  Our system detects problems before they cause downtime. Our team provides hardware consulting, remote and on-site IT support if needed, software and app expertise, staff training, monitoring, cyber security systems and more.

Topping all of that off, we offer all of this 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you can sleep soundly at night knowing your business is in good hands! Yes this means, you are freed up to spend your time doing what you do best – Whatever that may be. Did I mention as an outsourced department you can forget about paying workers comp, unemployment, vacation time, benefits, etc. to us? By the way- our technical support never calls in sick or takes vacation 365 days a year.

Ready to take the leap? Tired of thinking that your business isn’t thriving the way it should be because you are too concerned with operations and not sales? Just think, no more tech headaches… just good ole increased ROI.

Let the experts at LA Creative help. Contact us NOW!

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