The Iranians couldn’t possibly be interested in hacking my architecture firm’s designs.

No way the North Koreans want to penetrate into my music label’s sample recordings.

There’s nothing interesting for Guccifer to find in my customer emails.

Small businesses and independent creators used to be far down on the target list of both state and nonstate cyberterrorists. But, like prowling hyenas that roam the Serengeti plains, hackers are opportunistic scavengers preying on the weakest security infrastructures they encounter. Moreover, these days, small and medium businesses possess personal information about their owners, employees and customers that has real value on the Dark Web.

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Sharks with Laser-Beam-Level Security

What does this mean for protecting your creative business on a budget? It means you don’t need to lock down your office, studio or study with retinal scanners and motion-detecting lasers. Nor do we make you create randomized, 20-character alphanumeric passwords that reset on each login. Instead, we implement a robust, yet non-invasive, suite of cost-effective security tools including firewalls, antivirus, spam filters and two-factor authentication protocols.

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No One-Size-Fits-All Suites of Cyber-Armor For You

The point is: whatever your particular vulnerabilities might be, there are reasonable defensive measures we can implement. We begin by performing a detailed security assessment that takes into account your hardware, software and physical security context. From there, we determine which security suite and features are right for you. For businesses at lower risk we keep things simple and effective, while for businesses with compliance requirements or lots of personal information stored on the networks, we can scale up your security to Fort Knox on steroids.

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Navy Seal Cybersecurity Training Without the Pushups

Whether you’re a small business, large government or top-secret spy agency, your greatest vulnerability is nearly always your employees. That’s because the most sophisticated cybersecurity defenses are totally overridden when a human user clicks a bogus link on a phishing email. We take employee training very seriously, and you know that because our trainings are live, they involve phishing tests and aptitude reviews, and they are an ongoing, rinse-and-repeat service we provide to our clients. If your current MSP’s idea of security training begins and ends with a one-off webinar – be afraid, be very afraid!

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