Establishing a stable, reliable technology infrastructure is one of the most important things you can do to position your creative business for success. It’s the least exciting part of what we do, and there’s simply no way that adding a Matrix-themed stock photo can add sex appeal. Nevertheless, laying fiber-optic cables, connecting routers and repeaters, configuring servers and setting up data backups are simply the meat and potatoes – or soy and quinoa – of running a successful, modern business.

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The Hard-Hat-and-Overalls IT Work

Metaphorically, the Stabilize stage is when we suit up in overalls and a hard hat and get to work flushing out your old pipes and leaky faucets. This can involve running new cables in the walls, replacing routers and even upgrading phones and other outdated hardware. If you rely on on-premise servers and other network infrastructure, we’ll review it inside and out to make sure it’s appropriate to your needs.

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Unacceptable Costs of Delays and Outages

Once we’re sure your hardware is suitable and stable, we review the configurations that are essential for reliable connectivity because online access is essential to all manner of daily tasks. Delays or failure to receive emails through Outlook and text messages from a chat widget on your website can cost you in loss of sales, partnerships, visibility and other opportunities. Even traditionally offline tasks, like drafting a Word document or updating an Excel spreadsheet, often require connectivity to ensure the autosave and backup features work properly.

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Collaborate to Create

In terms of productivity and collaboration applications, most businesses rely on the usual suspects like Office 365, G Suite, Skype, Slack and Dropbox. But there are many other options out there, and we’re happy to introduce you to them if there are specific needs that the others can’t fill. We work across a wide variety of vendors, and our only objective is to help you select the ones that let you spend more time on the creativity apps like Photoshop, Autodesk and InDesign that directly fuel your creations.

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