Does “strategizing” conjure for you images of an endless PowerPoint slide deck filled with absurd diagrams, stock photos of smiling workers and fortune-cookie clichés about hard work and success? Well, you’re not alone in feeling that way, and that’s not what our Strategize phase is about at all. It’s about ensuring that your technology solutions and our services to you are on track to grow alongside your business plans.

Strategize, Strategize

Your Priorities and Your Expectations Exceeded

We conduct a review to determine which technology solutions have exceeded your expectations and where there’s opportunity for even better outcomes. We check off the list of those challenges that we’ve solved and prioritize those that remain. For example:

Say our focus during the past year was to deploy and streamline a collaboration suite that enables your team to make calls, send messages, video conference, share screens and live update documents. Then, maybe your most acute pain points to solve for this year are around payroll, benefits, accounting and timesheets.

Strategize, Strategize

Inside the Practical, Outside-the-Box Thinking

The key to our Strategizing phase is to keep it practical and relevant. It’s about determining where your business is now and how your technology posture needs to change to get you where you want to go. It’s also about budgeting and planning, so there are no surprises. For example:

Maybe you have two laptops that need replacing during the year ahead and, at the same time, you’re recruiting three new graphic designers who will also need new laptops, monitors and immense data storage. This expense is manageable so long as we plan for it ahead of time.

Strategize, Strategize

Preparing for the Creative New Year Ahead

In cases where your year ahead involves taking on a new project or recruiting new staff, we also help you anticipate the potential technology implications:

• What tech or software skills do you need to look for in the new employees?
• What hardware upgrades or purchases will be needed?
• Will you have enough bandwidth for the additional connections?
• Do you need to purchase additional user licenses for your essential productivity and creative applications?

For us, as your business grows and evolves during the year, helping you avoid technology-related surprises and seize new opportunities is our measure of success.

Strategize, Strategize