Managed IT Services, Surprising Industries that Need Managed IT Services

Surprising Industries that Need Managed IT Services

Each business in every industry has its own unique set of needs—and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to those requirements. Managed IT services can have different meanings for various businesses. What works for an accounting firm won’t necessarily be effective for a health care practitioner or a lawyer.

In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at the industries that could benefit a lot from managed services.

Architectural Firms

Managed IT Services, Surprising Industries that Need Managed IT ServicesArchitectural firms are one of the industries that can benefit a lot from managed services. A company dealing with security concerns may subscribe to a managed service plan that helps filter out spam and different types of viruses. An MSP can also install a firewall that keeps the company protected against potential data breaches due to a compromised network. These services may include 24/7 support and complete network management.

Additionally, an architectural agency may agree to install an online backup and recovery system to ensure the safety of its company data in case a disaster happens. Back then, companies would back up data using tape—a cumbersome and time-consuming process that required an employee to transport back-up files to a separate location physically. It was a highly insecure method, and the possibility of data loss could mean reproducing labor-intensive projects, such as 3D and CAD presentation proposals.

With managed services, data is encrypted and moved to a more secure and remote center. The company can access this information anytime online, and retrieve files immediately in case of a disaster. An MSP provides round the clock data monitoring, so the company is alerted if there are irregularities discovered. In addition, the company can prioritize which kinds of data will be backed up and at what intervals.

Cannabis Companies

Managed IT Services, Surprising Industries that Need Managed IT ServicesCannabis businesses are typically required to stay nimble, and managed services can help them do just that. Those in the cannabis industry can integrate new technological developments into an IT backbone that scales with them while staying vigilant for potential security issues at all times.

IT is considered a critical part of the foundation of any type of business. With the right IT infrastructure in place paired with proper training, you can have a major headstart over your competitors.

Managed services cover different verticals when it comes to cannabis companies. For example, those in the cultivation industry may use IoT devices like RFID tags to track ad trace systems. Automation can be implemented for those in the distribution and lab testing verticals. For those focusing on retail, they can get managed services for custom software and POS services.

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Using Managed IT Services to Augment your Business

Managed services enable organizations to focus on strategic efforts and core projects instead of time-consuming day-to-day operations. MSPs have made it possible for businesses to stay ahead of the curve while adopting new technology.

Considering the benefits of managed IT services, it’s highly unlikely that the hype surrounding it will die down soon. With an MSP by your side, problems can be identified before they happen—so your systems are always up, and the potential roadblocks are blocked.

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