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Relm Studio Transformation, The Relm Studio Transformation

RELM is an award winning Los Angeles landscape architecture and urban design studio. For over 30 years their work has been dedicated to urbanism, connectivity, and design. Their ethos is simple–capture the wonder in between. Their various high scale projects cultivate community, resolve incongruent uses and access, and drive public life. Some of their projects are the Griffith Observatory Restoration, The LA Metropolis, Staples Center, and more.

The Challenge

In October, 2017, their network system and IT infrastructure was outdated and basically non functioning. Their IT was more a deterrence than a benefit. They needed an IT partner and support system they could trust and was accessible to them 24/7.

The LACT Solution

LACT  provided an IT network and infrastructure that was scalable, reliable and professional grade. For example- 

  1. We migrated their infrastructure to MS Cloud Solutions.
  2. We modernized their onsite network.
  3. We developed a system to manage their architectural and  communication software.
  4. We installed a proactive cyber security solution to keep their network, data and communications safe.


We now manage 100% of their IT infrastructure. Their staff has grown in size and their IT systems are scaling with them. Their studio is now running smoothly with a secure and efficient office that fits their needs and is set up to scale with them in the future.

Scott Baker: President of RELM-

 “I am definitely happy to recommend L.A. Creative to others. I was fearful of the price point, about going to a third party outfit. I’ve had conversations with my contemporaries, and what that costs, and it really has not actually lived up to some of those fears that I had. So, I’ve been quite happy with where it’s all landed.”

Allan Spulecki: A Principal at Relm

“LACT’s been very good at helping us problem-solve where the bottlenecks are, or where they could arise, and addressing them effectively



Grand Performances

Ongoing Managed Support & Security Services including Office 365 Migration and Creative Services for groundbreaking Non-Profit Concert Promoter


Verbum DEI HS

Network & Wireless Refresh, Server virtualization for Private Catholic School.



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