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Verbum Dei High School Refresh Their Approach and Take Hold of Technology!


Verbum Dei High School is an all-boys, Jesuit High School located in South Los Angeles that opened its doors in 1962. The school offers the student body with a variety of rigorous college-prep curriculums and offers an unparalleled corporate work-study internship program to further prepare young students for success as they move forward. Verbum Dei boasts a 100% college acceptance rate and maintains this valued standard by instilling the belief in all students, that they can do whatever they set their minds to. Verbum Dei believes in providing students with the very best in curriculum and educational resources, so as to help each student reach his full potential. It goes without saying that in today’s tech-driven world, efficient and functional technology is fundamental to operational success at Verbum Dei.

‍The Challenge

LA Creative Technologies was asked to help with their IT infrastructure as it was antiquated and ineffective. Their hardware and software were both 8-10 years old and their WIFI and Internet was unreliable and slow.

Discovery & Strategy

The LA Creative team undertook meticulous site-surveys to understand the needs and current infrastructure at Verbum Dei. Once we knew the exact technology needs and capacities at Verbum Dei, we took action to revive their approach to IT.

One thing was clear: the old networking solution at Verbum Dei, deployed in 2007, was buckling under their growing needs. With a growing wireless device demand, the school needed a vastly updated wireless infrastructure. Making the update would be challenging though, as the server infrastructure at Verbum Dei was slightly jumbled.


We migrated smaller items slowly and didn’t migrate their big data until the very end. The transition was so smooth that downtime was nominal.

The old infrastructure at Verbum Dei consisted of a Cisco ASA Firewall, Cisco Catalyst switches, 2.4GHz of Cisco Aironet wireless all without any service contracts attached. Their systems were reliant on 6 physical servers for domain control, file servers and database hosting.

LA Creative Technologies helped deploy:

  • Meraki MX100 with a 24/7 full-service contract
  • Meraki MS Switches with a 24/7 full-service contract
  • 5GHz AC Meraki MR Wireless access points with a 24/7 full service contract
  • 1 physical VM Host with 3 virtual machines for domain control
  • Full cloud monitoring of all devices


To the chancellor’s delight- there was no down time incurred by the school as we transitioned them out of their old systems into their new state if the art technologies. Now we can report that their IT is strong and running well, so all of our services are geared toward monitoring and managing their IT infrastructure keeping the school productive, secure and safe. We provide-

  • Attentive, personalized and responsive support and service
  • Customized and tailored IT strategies and solutions that incorporate leading technologies
  • Active listening and partnership through all tech deployments
  • Proactive brainstorming and planning of IT scalability and growth


“I met with LA Creative and immediately got a good feel for their understanding of the scope of the project and is demands” Chancellor Galloway reported.  “From the offset, working with them has been great.

“They’ve implemented solutions that empower me to handle a lot on my own and they’ve set us up for continued scalability as our needs develop.” Galloway claims. “They keep us informed, they have great analysis tools and they’re just really committed to understanding us. We’ve been lucky to leverage their expertise and strategic thinking and we look forward to having them by our side as we continue to develop.”




Ongoing Managed Support & Security Services including Meraki network deployment for Community Non-Profit School & center.



Grand Performances

Ongoing Managed Support & Security Services including Office 365 Migration and Creative Services for groundbreaking Non-Profit Concert Promoter

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