tech support firm, What Should Your Company Look For In a Tech Support Firm?

What Should Your Company Look For In a Tech Support Firm?

Choosing a tech support firm is one of the most important decisions your company will ever need to make. After all, running a business is hard enough without unreliable IT support. But how will you know when you’ve found the right tech support firm? Keep reading to find out what to look for and, more importantly, what to avoid.

What to Look For In a Tech Support Firm

Response Times

An IT company should respond in a timely manner, especially when tech issues can cost you money due to downtime, not to mention the headache of trying to troubleshoot a problem on your own. When you’re running a business, you just don’t have time to stop and attempt to DIY these kinds of complex issues.

Instead, choose an IT company that is there when you need dependable tech support. While it may take some time to get to the bottom of an issue, make sure there is a clear understanding when it comes to response times. If you have a contract, this can even be included as a service level agreement, or SLA, so you aren’t left hoping for the best from your IT support team. Additionally, be sure that your contract specifies what happens if you don’t hear back from them within this period of time.

Experience in Cybersecurity

Data security regulations have been imposed on some industries, but whether or not your company falls within this category, strong cybersecurity is an absolute necessity. With that in mind, it only makes sense to hire an IT company that is capable of offering this level of tech support. Settling for anything less would leave your company vulnerable to today’s ever-evolving cyber threats. At the end of the day, you need a support team that takes a proactive approach to your company’s cybersecurity.

Review Testimonials

Customer reviews are always a good place to start when you need tech support that you can trust. This will provide you with a better idea of the kind of experience you might have with an IT company. Thankfully, you can usually find what you’re looking for with a simple Google search. Be sure to hire a company with an excellent reputation for the best tech support. It’s worth doing your “homework” before making a final decision.

Education and Experience

Of course, we can’t overlook an IT support team’s educational background and experience, either. Choose a company that prioritizes on-going training for their employees, and be sure to ask about their certifications. Obviously, your tech support team will also require experience with the systems you need them to support. If this isn’t the case, though, you may find yourself paying for them to figure it out on the job. Not only will this cost more in the long run, but it’s also sure to take more time. A tech support team with more experience will have the confidence you need. What kind of industries are they currently working with? This is important to know as well.

What to Avoid

Repairs Without Consulting Services

Instead of hiring a tech support team that you only call on when something goes wrong or breaks, look for an IT company that’s capable of offering consulting services as well. This will ensure that you implement the best tech solutions for your company, and also stay on top of preventative security measures, like penetration testing. The right IT consultant will help your business cut back on the need for repairs in the first place. As you can imagine, fewer breakdowns means less stress and more efficiency. What’s not to like?

A Limited Track Record

It always pays to hire an IT company that has been in business for a while. This isn’t to say that someone just starting out won’t do a good job, but without a solid track record, you’re definitely taking a gamble. It’s not uncommon for IT support companies to come and go, so look for a business that is thriving and has deep roots in the industry. Otherwise, you may need to start all over again when things don’t work out.

A Lack of Transparency

Transparency and honesty go hand in hand, so this is another key point to consider when you need IT support for your business. After all, honesty is the basis of all healthy relationships. Once you hire an IT company, its team members will need access to sensitive information, such as your IT infrastructure, login credentials, and data. With that in mind, you need a complete understanding of who you’re hiring and just what they’ll be doing for you.

Having an experienced tech support team on your side will give you an edge when it comes to rising above industry competition. The right team can help you implement tech solutions that increase productivity, and patch vulnerabilities, but it all comes down to trust, so hire an IT company that gives you straight answers.

Another Time Zone

It may seem appealing (at least initially) to outsource your IT support needs to another country; however, this decision often leads to delays due to the time difference, as well as other communication issues that result from language misunderstandings. Trying to explain your company’s tech problems or goals to a non-native speaker can exasperate the process of finding a quick resolution. And, as we’ve been told, time is money when it comes to business.

Schedule a Consultation Today

Now that you know what to look for (and what to avoid), you’re ready to get started. At LA Creative, we believe that technology should empower your creative process. We know you already have the passion and the grit to run a successful business. Let us help you take things to the next level with the right tools. When you need a team that’s built just for you, contact us by calling (323) 237-9870. You can also schedule a free consultation by clicking here.

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