Business Instead of Technology

Most service providers think in terms of technology first, and then try to fit their preferred solutions into the clients existing business model.

Although this is beneficial and simple for the provider, 9 times out of 10 it leaves the client with either second rate solutions or equipment that is far too complicated or expensive for their use. Either way, clients are left feeling frustrated and cheated by the service provider, and asking things like “why was I sold this solution” or “why doesn’t my provider understand my unique needs?.

The fact is that choosing an IT provider means partnering with a company that can either help you reach new heights, or leave you frustrated with insufficient service. {company} understands this, and that’s why we work not only with your IT, but to help you use the technology to build up your business. We develop strong, personal, and long-lasting relationships with our clients so that we can understand their business and its strategic context, the technology needed to execute their strategy and the scale these solutions need to operate at. With this knowledge, we provide you with services and technology custom fit to you and your business’ needs. We won’t sell you anything that doesn’t suit your company, even if it means we miss out on a sale. Although we’re interested in making money, we don’t want to do it at the expense of our clients.

Technology is a powerful tool and can do great things for your company, but without understanding your business context of where, when, and how tools will be used – you’re just going to end up with another broken or over complicated piece of equipment, wondering why you bought it in the first place and how it serves your business goals.

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