Cannabis, Cannabis

Legalization of cannabis in California has launched a competitive new race to deliver a high-quality entertainment and medicinal product to a demanding consumer base for a reasonable price. Despite legalization, few industries face as many regulatory, financial and logistical challenges as the cannabis industry.

Cannabis, Cannabis

Kind, Schwag-Free Technology

The rigid, yet evolving regulatory framework requires that cannabis industry businesses establish sophisticated technical infrastructure and workflow management. To maintain regulatory compliance and compete effectively, you need increasingly sophisticated systems for documentation, data storage, communication and security. Furthermore, many non-cannabis firms that “don’t touch the flower” require layers of digital fencing to provide invaluable support services. At the same time, even as you work to mature your cannabis business, changing regulations require flexibility and nimbleness more common among featherweight startups.

Cannabis, Cannabis

White Rhino Solutions Complete Even Down to the Trim

IT management for grow facilities and dispensaries is far more complex than most other businesses. Logistics and regulations require secure, seamless data exchange and communication among industry players throughout the seed-to-sale supply chain. These same data that need to be easily transferrable among partners and vendors are seen as an enticing, soft target by sophisticated, determined cybercriminals. Powerful cybersecurity measures must work alongside and integrate with Fort Knox-like physical security measures.

Security measures essential to your cannabis business include physical and data access controls that manage

• Key systems
• Video intercoms
• Panic buttons
• Visitor management
• Emergency call boxes
• Perimeter monitoring
• Security guards