Digital Creative Spotlight: Edward Do

For this edition of Digital Creative Spotlight, we spoke with our very own Eddie Do, who also runs Late Night Laggers, a creative production company that conceptualizes and executes experiences and events based around music and art. Operating out of Los Angeles, LNL uses technology to communicate, organize, and share concepts between its team, collaborators, and audience. Here, Eddie shares his views on technology and the way we use it today.

  • Location: Los Angeles, CA
  • Likes: Micheladas, mariscos, and music.
  • What are you listening to this week? (music, podcasts, whatever) Lately, I’ve been listening to a band called Hundred Waters. I heard them for the first time at a festival that they curate called FORM Festival and heard a few tracks, but this week, I’ve delved a lot deeper into their albums.
  • What’s your current profession / project / passion? I’m a Junior Technician and Service Coordinator at LA Creative Technologies. When I’m not doing IT work, I’m rehearsing or playing bass with my band, Model Soul, or I’m DJing a party as word54, or I’m putting together an event with my Late Night Laggers team. We’ve currently got 3 monthlies out in LA: Calentura at Los Globos, Plugged In at Union, and Sunset Club at the Fuego Lounge.
  • What are some recent examples of your work that you’re most proud of? One example is Sunset Club. It’s a summertime series that LNL created when we started 3 and a half years ago. The series has a groovy, sexy, daytime vibe that evolves into a high energy dance party at night. Along with DJs, we have live performances, artists, and vendors to give the event a mini festival feel. I’m proud to see how the event has progressed from its inception, pushing the boundaries with our venue and artists. Another example is my band, Model Soul. We play indie/alternative rock and it’s rad to see how people react to our music. When you’re writing songs with your buddies in a little studio room, it’s hard to know if it’s good. I mean, we all like the music, but I have to admit that it’s nerve-racking when you’re on-stage and about to play something you’ve created to a bunch of people who have no clue who you are or what to expect.
  • Describe your creative process.   My creative process always includes my team(s). There’s a concept that is laid down and then we collectively build out from there. With Late Night Laggers, some parts of the team contribute with ideas based in an ideal situation with limitless budget, others contribute with realistic boundaries, but all thoughts are considered so that our foundation is built to with the capability to expand in any direction. With Model Soul, the process changes with every song. Sometimes, someone will bring a riff they’ve written and we all just jam until we find a groove and build the structure of the song from there. Sometimes, we’ll make out the structure to a song and work within those confines to lock up the melodies.
  • Which tools, products and services do you use in this process?  For communication with all of my teams, I use Slack. It’s great because all text is searchable. I also really like the way we’re able to organize channels and pin important posts. Google Drive is another great tool we use to create, share, and organize our assets like to-do lists, calendars, budget sheets, and inventory. Technology has made playing music really accessible too: my bass amp is solid-state; we record on an iPad; all of the effects on our instruments are digital; DJing no longer requires bringing a crate full of records. It’s actually pretty insane now that I think about it.
  • What one major benefit do you get from technology you can’t imagine creating without? .. I’m able to stay on top of everything happening within several teams and sub-teams, share ideas, and continue WIPs anywhere I’m at.
  • What do your colleagues/collaborators always want to do manually/analog that you wish they would automate/design a system for? Well, there’s already Google Calendar for this, and I’m guilty of it also, but for some reason, people always forget to add to the calendar… doh!
  • What do you do when you need a break from screens? I’ll usually get a good stretch in or take a little walk if it’s a short break. When I have more time, I’ll get a cheap massage or get my groove on with the band.
  • Anything you want to add on the relationship between creative work and tech? With music, 20 years ago, living in LA, you may never have heard the sounds of a band or music producer from Mexico or Peru or Portugal or Italy, but now those tracks are just a click away. With goods, some weeks, I’m so busy, I can’t make a trip to the market or pick up that prop for the next show, but now, I can use Amazon Prime to have it delivered in 2 days! Technology has put products, sounds, and solutions at our fingertips and made the world much more accessible.

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