How Much are Outdated Processes Costing You?

If you ask a room full of managers where waste comes from in their organization, you probably wouldn’t be surprised with the answers. Meetings, technology challenges, email, and social media will be among the strong contenders for most time wasted. However, what these same managers might be surprised about is the sheer scale of the waste per employee that is incurred on an annual basis.

Did you know that each employee could be spending up to 31 hours per month on unproductive meetings or more than 16 minutes refocusing each time email interrupts their day? These numbers are staggering and are seriously affecting the ability of businesses to innovate and excel.

What Lost Productivity Means for your Business

While it’s next to impossible to ask employees to turn off their email or cancel all meetings, there are options for helping your employees be more effective both in the short and long-term – and they can be as simple as improving your overall business processes and technology. Slow computers alone can cost your business up to 2.75% of an employee’s daily productivity, and with the average salary of $44,600 last year, that’s a $1,200+ hit to your bottom line per employee.

Revamp your Processes!

While you may not need to re-tool all of your business processes (or maybe you do!), even small changes can have a big, positive impact on your employee productivity. Simply speeding up the time it takes for employees to access standard software and collaborate with customers or across departments can have a huge impact on the time it takes to accomplish daily tasks. When you work with managed IT services providers, you’re often able to reduce employee frustration and empower collaboration – while you’re saving time and money.

Enhance your collaboration for efficiency (and fun!)

Today’s workforce is increasingly mobile, and so are your customers. Sharing documents across various platforms while on the go can be a challenge, and when you add in the need for security processes – well, let’s just say that things can become very difficult, very quickly. Automated document management workflows can save significant time, money, and energy plus provide an enhanced user experience that both your internal team and your customers will appreciate.

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