Improving Community Relations with IT

In this case study, I will demonstrate how LA Creative Technologies helped a local non-profit streamline & upgrade its campus-wide systems while adhering to the organization’s budgetary requirements.

The Silverlake Independent Jewish Community Center (SIJCC) in Los Angeles is a thriving campus of over 17,000 square feet. It provides cultural events and diverse programming for adults, children and families in addition to operating a successful preschool.

In the last few years, the SIJCC has expanded its staff to more than 80 employees, and in the process, has faced mounting pressures to meet its changing technology needs. Initially, they engaged a different IT company, and that experience resulted in a less-than-stellar outcome. The other company had them using sub-par equipment and poorly chosen cloud services. During this time, the SIJCC felt their needs were not being met: the IT company was unresponsive, and they felt that their internal staff could produce the same results without paying for outside expertise.

After hearing about LA Creative Technologies through Josh Weiss’ work with the Progressive Jewish Alliance, Executive Director Ayana Morse contacted Josh for a consultation. The organization engaged LACT to provide both a short- and long-term plan to upgrading their IT systems.

The plan implemented not only day-to-day maintenance, but also provided the SIJCC with a cost-effective strategy for networking the entire campus, adding in Wi-Fi and Virtual Networks (VLANs) to help alleviate their technology challenges.

This vision, created by LA Creative Technologies, provided for near-term solutions and future improvements with more efficient, productive technologies than the changes the previous IT company had implemented.

As Ms. Morse pointed out early in her discussions with LA Creative, as a non-profit organization, the SIJCC must make decisions based on a tight budget with little wiggle room remaining to correct errors. She has repeatedly complimented LA Creative on its initiatives that prioritize future installations to ensure the best solutions occur without creating unnecessary expenditures. Their experience with the last IT company resulted in acquisitions of computers and other equipment that fell short in meeting the organization’s needs, thereby resulting in the necessity for additional equipment replacement within a year. As a non-profit that is expanding to meet the community’s needs, the SIJCC has no room for error in its expenditures.

Unfortunately, the SLJCC has had to absorb some of the costs of correcting the errors of the previous IT company. However, Ms. Morse was highly complimentary in expressing praise at the manner in which LA Creative assisted with those challenges by focusing on the most critical elements of the new strategy and making the necessary improvements, well within budget.

Now the SLJCC is continuing to expand. Currently, they are rehabbing a large building, and LA Creative Technologies is working with them to make that space ready for community and event programming. They are implementing VLANs and backend security with an eye toward even more growth over the next few years.

At LA Creative Technologies, we collaborate with our clients to ensure their unique IT needs are met efficiently and quickly. We strategize on plans for growth, and we fulfill your needs for a virtual CIO or vCIO. When you hire us as your vCIO, you add a technology expert to your team who can help you grow and gain an edge against the competition. We do this by collaborating with you on an IT strategy and budget in line with your objectives and managing the implementation of the technology solutions. In addition, we help you manage your customer relations, or, as in the case of the SLJCC, community outreach and event production requirements. We design integrated systems to cost effectively manage data and your digital communications for marketing and sales.

No matter what type of organization you have, LA Creative Technologies can help you with your IT needs.

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