IT Project Management Los Angeles

LACT understands that project management isn’t just about managing logistics and hoping your team is ready go, it’s also about inspiring your team so that everyone is able to contribute to the project’s success!

We will help you visualize what a successful project entails to YOU, ensure these metrics for success are clearly communicated to all stakeholders & 3rd parties and work alongside you and your team to reach your goals & complete the project. We maintain constant communication with stakeholders to ensure that everything is going according to plan and you’re happy with the progress.

Our project management strategy follows this simple process.

  • Visualize The Needs: We help you figure out what you want to achieve with the project, establish clear & measurable project outcomes and create a clear & concise project scope of work statement.
  • Plan The Project: From our visualization, we’ll help you identify and manage the project goals to create a realistic and well defined plan to achieve them, with a concrete and easy to follow schedule.
  • Execute The Plan: We work to ensure that the project stays on schedule by making sure that the team is working efficiently. We do this by conducting regular team accountability sessions and holding team members accountable for their role within the project.
  • Close: We make sure you’re happy with the final result, and that all of the projected goals were completed within the project. When all is completed and approved, we formally close the project by documented the process so that you can reflect on lessons learned.

Project Management plays a crucial role in the development on a business, which is why it’s so important to make sure it’s done right!For more information on our project management services, give us a call at (323) 454-1312 or send us an email at to get in touch with a member of our team to discuss how LA Creative Technologies
can help you reach your business goals.

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