LA Creative Technologies’ Josh Weiss featured on Auvik’s “Secrets of the MSP Pros”

As last month came a close, remote monitoring and management providers Auvik published a profile on LA Creative Technologies’ very own President and Founder Josh Weiss.

Published November 29th, the profile by Auvik’s Jennifer Tribe looked at how Weiss spends his time as a Managed Services Provider (MSP), delivering an outsourced set of best practices, processes and tools that, when combined with technical knowledge and proper facilitation, deliver ideal business IT results.

Auvik’s ongoing “Secrets of the MSP Pros” series poses a range of pop interest questions to MSP executives like Weiss; how he takes his coffee, how he runs a meeting, who in computer networking he admires, and more to give the reader insight into what makes a successful member of the industry.

Once the standard opening questions were out of the way (when was LA Creative founded, how many employees, etc.), the profile tackled a few of Weiss’ personal preferences, such as how he drinks coffee (medium roast half and half), the handful of sites he goes to for industry news (Karl Palachuk’s newsletter, IT Glue blog, Auvik’s blog, and more), and the apps that populate his smartphone’s home screen (calendars, activity folders, etc.).

Next, the profile looked at how Weiss goes about his day, with his typical work schedule (meditation before breakfast, new food, and live music after the day’s work is done) and tips on how to run a meeting (“keep to the meeting’s topic with as much humour as possible”).

Weiss also shared tips for general success (“Set reminders for everything with Google Assistant”), and some more specific to running a business, such as the one trait he looks for in new hires: friendliness. Beyond that, the profile asked about his interest in podcasts (“I want to listen to them but I always forget to”), and his top book recommendation for other MSPs (“I’ll be clichéd and say The E-Myth by Michael Gerber“).

The newest and most exciting MSPs in the industry today always start as a clear byproduct of their founder, and as Auvik recognizes in this series, it can be invaluable to learn directly from those industry leaders. Be sure to read the complete profile for yourself today.

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